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The Foreshadowing – Oionos

Released By : Cyclone Empire Records

Genre : Dark Doom Metal

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Marco Benevento – Vocals

Alessandro Pace – Guitar

Andrea Chiotedde – Guitar

Johan Padella – Drums

Francesco Sosto – Keyboard

Tracklist :

1. The Dawning

2. Outsiders

3. Oionos

4. Fallen Rain

5. Soliloquium

6. Lost Humanity

7. Survivors Sleep

8. Chant Of Widows

9. Hope, She’s In The Water

10. Russians

11. Revelations 3:11

The Dark, Doom Metal genre is something that is quite new to me, and up until recently I had little to no knowledge of the style at all. But I have listened and rated a fair amount of albums in this still in a short amount of time and do feel as though I have enough of a feel of things to accurately review the new album from THE FORESHADOWING. OIONOS is the band’s second album, following on from the 2007 debut DAYS OF NOTHING, which upon its release became one of the benchmark releases in the genre.

The slow, droning, melancholic vibe of the album is very haunting and really sucks you in. MARCO BENEVENTO’S vocals are absolutely perfect for this album and sound like a mix between TYPE O NEGATIVE and a Gregorian Choir. There is no big, flashy musical outbursts to be found anywhere on OIONOS, this is pure dark, ambient metal all the way through and it’s thoroughness to the style is its main high point.

As much as I really enjoyed everything about the original compositions on this album, the stand-out highlight for me was RUSSIANS, which is a cover of the same song written and released by STING in 1985. I guess the song has lost a bit of it’s meaning since the times it was written for, but in this context and with a real funeral doom style to it, the song has been given a new life and should be heard by all.

If you enjoyed THE FORESHADOWING’S debut album, you can safely put some of your hard earned down for the follow up as it’s just as good and will be surely seen as another benchmark album of the genre.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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