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Michael Harris – Tranz-Fused

Released by Lion Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Instrumental/Shred



01. Rocket Surgery

01. Wizard of Odd

03. Seizure Salad

04. Blue Shift

05. Left of Right

06. Nitrous Oxide Strut

07. Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment

08. Pathos

09. Prosthetic Brain

10. Ocean Blues

Michael Harris is a talented guitar player and composer that has been involved with such projects as the Darkology series, Thought Chamber as well as his own solo projects that he has been releasing since 1991. Consider Lion Music a leader in the genre of world Instrumental/Shred musicians as they scoop up some talented players to release some interesting music when it comes to instrumental.  Is a challenge when it comes to listening to instrumental music for me as I look for melodies and different rhythm changes that can hold a song together or brake it. I don’t and I emphasize I don’t like a “just shredding” for the hell of it record any guitar player can do that, but creating beautiful transgressions on the guitar is a real challenge for any touted axeman.

Mr Harris certainly has some noticeable skill when it comes to composing as you can tell on the intricate track “Wizard of Odd” when he willfully changes rhythm and the end result is an amusing piece of music as all the elements flow together for a nice tune. The heavier burner in “Seizure Salad” is something to behold as the fast moving leading riffs take over here all the meanwhile paying careful detail to the strings in which he strikes with wizardry precision. Transfusion is a common theme here as Harris is able to break his way out of a stable rhythm and never keeps the lead on a certain stale riff, the songs are meticulously injected with funk, fusion, hard rock and just plain fun.

We keep the ball rolling with another instrumental wonder in “Nitrous Oxide Strut” who along with great drum work here provides another instrumentally challenged and stimulating listening experience. Michael Harris has ran the tables and delivered an interesting guitar project here which ranks along some of the best instrumentals in the genre all year. The range of moods and sounds can be described as a giant wall of funkiness, weird, beautifully composed and played from top to bottom in a state that seriously showcases Michael’s amazing guitar skills. You think this is deserving of some attention? Yea I think so. Go check it out!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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