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Future is Tomorrow – Fit To Die

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Metal

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1. Dead

2. Another Soul

3. Awakening The Ghosts

4. All For You

5. Stories To Tell

6. Fit To Die

7. Save Us, Source Of Mercy

8. The Day Of Retribution

Rarely do I get all the way to the end of an album and still not really know wether I have enjoyed it or not, and usually my second and third listens of albums are no seek out the finer details to write about and get a really good feel for what I’m hearing. Well, I’ve now listened to FIT TO DIE (Part 1) around seven or eight times and still don’t have a definitive answer of if I really like it or not. Musically, FUTURE IS TOMORROW play a pretty high quality brand of progressive metal mixed with some melodic and power metal touches, and the concept that runs through the course of the songs about a dead person witnessing their own funeral really works well and is actually quite enthralling, but, as with so many bands from Italy, the vocals are leaving a fair bit to be desired.

Not all of the vocal aspects are bad though, as I do think Michael Snidaro has a potentially great voice that at times reminds me of James Labrie, it’s just that the Italian accent is very strong, which makes understanding a lot of the lyrics majorly hard. Given a fair amount of the lyrics aren’t sung in English, but those that are can be very hard to decipher. This is a bit of a shame because the lyrics themselves are quite potent and really worth delving in to. Also in the vocal department on this album is some guest appearances from a chant choir that are really great and certainly add much to the eerie and downtrodden nature of the subject matter.

As the album ebbs and flows, the story remains interesting while a lot of the actual songwriting does not, and when you’re talking about prog metal, the songwriting really does need to be strong. The abundance of mid-tempo tunes hurts the album a little too and I would have liked to hear the music speed up and get a little heavier a bit more often.

If this was a second or third album released from a top-shelf band I would have to class it as a bit of a disappointment, but given that this is a self-released debut by a young band that have their future ahead of them, I’d say it’s a decent first offering that shows a band with most of the necessary ingredients for success. My suggestion would be to just focus a little more on good songwriting. The fact that I am not a big fan of the lead vocalist is a taste thing rather than anything and will surely be a much smaller issue for a lot of people.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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