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The Sin Committee – Confess E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Metal

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Joris – Vocals

Raymond – Guitars

Willem – Bass

Mattheiu – Drums


1. Confess

2. Serious Adverse Events

3. Straw Men

4. Regression Of Faith

5. Four 2 One

After several listens to the new e.p CONFESSIONS from Netherlands band THE SIN COMMITTEE I’m still having trouble deciding on what genre these guys belong to. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like pigeon holing any band and I’m all for bands doing their own thing, but for the purpose of a review, having a base genre makes it easier to talk about and easier to recommend to the right people.    I guess the basis of the sound is in the vein of progressive metal, but not in the DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X mould, as THE SIN COMMITTEE add elements of Death Metal, some hinds of Industrial Metal and even a coat of Nu-Metal with some tendencies toward all things ‘core’. I guess this would put them closer to bands like EVERGREY and OPETH.

Regardless of genre confusions though, the fact is that this five song E.P is excellent and has certainly got me curious to see what the band can do on a full album, and with it’s professional production from a musical point of view, and the high quality presentation of the physical product, which comes as a digipack with added booklet, there will surely be some label interest coming from somewhere in the near future.

Opening track CONFESS takes an interesting approach, having cleanly sung verses, and death growl choruses, which is the reverse of what you would usually hear these days and was a refreshing change. STRAW MEN is a little more toward the metalcore side of the scales, but changes things up enough to not get stuck there. REGRESSION OF FAITH is as close to pure death metal as the band gets and is a pretty good representation of that style.

The only small complaint I have is that Joris Bod’s vocals were a little too high in the mix and when you’re listening to this E.P through headphones it can be a bit hard to look past at times. It’s not as much of an issue when you listen to it on a good hi-fi system to take that how you will.

CONFESS is a great debut E.P and something that a lot of other unsigned bands could learn from. Superb musicianship, interesting songwriting, pretty good production and outstanding physical presentation is something that all unsigned hopefuls should be striving for and it’s a pleasure to say that THE SIN COMMITTEE have all of this and are ready for a label to snap them up. Recommended for any metal fans that like something a little different and interesting.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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