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Lanewin – Autuua

Released By : Liberty Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

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Anna – Vocals

Alex – Drums

Kirill – Bass

Vladiss – Guitar

Veres – Keyboards

Kaiser – Keyboards


1. Gate Of Lanewin

2. Essense Of War

3. Illusions Of Dogma

4. One More Life

5. Heartbeat

6. Legends Of A Savior

7. Delusiveness

8. No Time For Dreaming

9. Dark Love

10. Venom

LANEWIN are a new female-fronted self-described symphonic metal band hailing from Russia and AUTUUA is their first album. For me personally I would rather call this opera metal than symphonic metal because even though all the trademarks of a sympho metal sound are there, vocalist Anna Belaeva sings ninety perfect of her vocals in a high-register opera voice that has no sign of metal in it at all.

The music is however, quite captivating on the senses and even though at first I thought I didn’t like it, I ended up listening to it several more times and found things to like within.

Interestingly, the band features two keyboardists, which while obviously not too noticeable on record, must be an awesome bonus when playing live. The keyboards are clearly one of the albums highlights, especially with the guitars down so low in the mix. I also found myself enjoying the lyrics which touch on subjects about humanity, mental states and a few other deep subjects.

GATES OF LANEWIN, HEARTBEAT and DELUSIVENESS are all highlight tracks which each offering something a little different to the last while still remaining true to the bands sound.

Whilst I did enjoy the album, it’s clearly not for everyone so I will recommend this one with a bit of hesitation and suggest checking out the samples on the band’s myspace page to see if the vocals work for you or not.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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