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ZZG – Trapped In The Mirror

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Rock

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1. For The Sky

2. Prozac Nation

3. Tom Go To Bed

4. C’mon Now

5. Point

6. Nouse

7. Floydian Slip

Oddly named ZZG are a progressive rock band from Australia that base their sound in pre-eighties prog rock influenced by bands such as PINK FLOYD, YES, and RUSH, but they also take elements from more straight ahead classic rock bands like DEEP PURPLE and TALKING HEADS.

Even though this is certainly classifiable as a progressive rock album, it’s not overly progressive so as to alienate the less arty music buying public, just progressive enough to remain interesting throughout. Songs like POINT and FLOYDIAN SLIP (great name for a song by the way!) show the bands more experimental tendencies whereas more cheerful tunes like TOM GO TO BED and C’MON NOW show that the band don’t take themselves too seriously and are as much about having fun as they are writing interesting music.

The longer I listened to the album the more I warmed to it, but I must admit that at first I was a little reserved due to the interesting vocal style of singer/guitarist and main lyricist DANIEL ROBERTS, who sounds like a cross between DAVID BOWIE and DAVID BYRNE from TALKING HEADS. As I said, once you get used to it, the vocals are actually quite pleasant and become one of the main features of the bands unique sound.

All of the actual musicianship on TRAPPED IN THE MIRROR is of a very high quality and it’s clear that these guys are no slouches. Every member of this band is contributing in a very high manner but I have to make a special mention of the drummer CRAIG BIRNIE, with a style and sound that is like a cross between PHIL COLLINS (yes, from his GENESIS days) and CARL PALMER of ELP and ASIA fame.

ZZG may well have timed their run perfectly, as there are very few softer progressive rock bands around these days, there’s an abundance of progressive metal, but not so much that is based in the old-school. Fans of YES and PINK FLOYD will surely find something to like about the album as will anybody that likes any form of 60’s-70’s progressive rock or space rock.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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