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Skull Fist – Heavier Than Metal E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Traditional Heavy Metal

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Jackie Slaughter – Vocals, Guitar

Sir Shred – Guitar

Alison Thunderland – Drums

Johnny Exciter – Bass


1. Sign Of The Warrior

2. Heavier Than Metal

3. Ride The Beast

4. Blackout

5. No False Metal

Warning!!… If you listen to this new E.P from Canadian metallers SKULL FIST, you will be sorely disappointed. Disappointed that is only five songs that is!!   In all seriousness though, HEAVIER THAN METAL is absolutely one of the best things I have listened to this year, and I am anxiously waiting to see what these guys can do if given the finances to release a full length album.

Traditional metal is the order of the day here, and between the songs, the band photos and the album artwork you could swear that you’ve gone back in time to 1985 when stuff like this ruled the world. The main sound is a combination of traditional USA metal bands, and the NWOBHM bands like MAIDEN and PRIEST. There are also some minor elements that reminded me of SHOUT AT THE DEVIL era MOTLEY CRUE.

SIGN OF THE WARRIOR was my favorite track of the E.P, and is a very early PRIEST sounding track that speeds and shreds its way into your brain. Title track HEAVIER THAN METAL is almost just as good and is a pure metal gem that just screams denim and leather. RIDE THE BEAST features a classic eighties inspired opening riff and the lyrics are a blast. BLACKOUT starts with some classical acoustic guitar before the helium infused vocals rip in and take the song to a new level. Just when you think the E.P is winding down, the last track NO FALSE METAL kicks you in the teeth again and reminds you that this ain’t no pansy band.

I truly enjoyed every element of this mini CD and even though are a lot of eighties inspired metal bands around today, not very many of them give me such a big dosage of nostalgia like SKULL FIST does. I am very confident in recommending this group to any fans of bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, early day MOTLEY CRUE. Go and give this band some support so that maybe in the near future we can be blessed with a full length effort from them.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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