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Issa – Sign Of Angels

Released by Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock


Line Up:

Isabel Oversveen – vocals

Peter Huss – guitars

Nobby Noberg – Bass

Tim Larsson – Keyboards

Uli Kusch – Drums


1. Angels Crying

2. I’m Alive

3. Give Me A Sign

4. River Of Love

5. What Can I Do

6. Closer

7. Unbelievable

8. How Will I Know

9. As I Live And Breathe

10. Flying High

11. It’s Not Me

12. Fallen Angel

A lot of effort was put forward into the the appealing vocals of Issa’s debut record “Sign Of Angels” released on Frontiers and what they deemed “quite simply the Melodic Rock newcomer of the year!”. Although the initial impact I felt from the talented Isabelle Overseen was on demand, the more I listen to her record the less I manage to want to play. The talent involved in the project certainly helped guide the young vocalist in the right direction and in terms of sound production is sharp as anything released all year and some of the names involved we’re producer Ronny Milianowicz (Saint Deamon) with help from some killer musicians such as Peter Huss on guitar, Uli Kusch (ex Masterplan, Helloween) on drums, Nobby Noberg on bass and Tim Larsson (Nick Lachey) on keyboards.

Although it helps that Issa is easy on the eyes and not only beautiful and easy to market but easily her best features are her great vocals. On the opening track “Angels Crying” she stylizes her way into the core of the song with some great high pitch pipes. The songwriting in “Give Me A Sign” is exceptional and the melodic rock hooks here could easily hit the mainstream radio in any country really, kinda sounds like something Kelly Clarkson would sound like but heavier. I like the mid rocker tempo of “River of Love” as Issa manages to sound like a young Robin Beck with her brassy vocals once more taking full flight.  I like the faster tempo tunes featured here because the European form of Melodic Rock always seem to spike up the adrenaline and with her strong voice it really does spike up the sound and add to the overall feel of each song.

The build up in “What Can I Do” ascends rapidly with a strong chorus once more but a bit of letdown in the guitar lead a little too simple in my opinion, which takes away from the song in parts. The super charge power ballad “Unbelievable” is exactly that, one of the best on the record with a demanding level of vocalization on Issa’s part just a great tune. I know it sounds redundant but her strong voice is really what drives these songs, the songwriting is fine but with help from some of these veteran musicians involved in the project she holds her own matching each beat of each song like a pro.

My only concern was in some parts the choruses seems a bit too repetitive and the faster rocker songs kinda become a little monotonous in spots, but overall the quality of the songs is very high. Most of the tunes here have something to offer even though the quality of the music dies down a bit towards the bottom half of the record. I struggle to kinda get into the album at times, weird though every song is catchy but simple in structure, maybe that’s why. But again Issa’s vocals are amazing and I really do hope Frontiers helps here on future endeavors because I like to hear more from her and see how her voice and sound mature in the future.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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