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Dejanira – A Vent Of Rage Against E.P

Released By :  Self Released

Genre : Modern Metal, Groove Metal

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Mirco – Vocals, Guitar

Diego – Guitar

Daniele – Bass

Sergio – Drums


1. Prelude

2. Bang & Burn

3. Demons

4. Fake Democracy

5. Walker

6. Vaticancer

7. Last Goodbye

DEJANIRA started life as a metal cover band in Italy a few years back. After tiring of that scene pretty quickly, the guys in the band decided to start writing their own material, and this debut E.P is the result.  The first thing I noticed with the E.P is that these guys don’t seem quite ready to attempt the search for a label. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ideas to be found on this little E.P, and a couple of the songs certainly have potential, but as an overall product, it’s pretty far behind from what people have come to expect in this day and age.

DEMONS has a slight MUDVAYNE mixed with TRIVIUM feel to it, but the chorus is a bit of a mess and there are too many backing vocals trying to come over at the same time. The modern metal stylings of VATICANCER was for the most part enjoyable and a really like the title of this song too. BAND ON BURN also shows some potential, but still needs a bit of work before being a really good song.

I may have come across a little harsher in this review than I first intended to, but I hear so many E.P’s from new bands these days that I have come to expect a certain level of quality that may seem a bit much at first. All is certainly not lost though, as I can feel what these guys are going for and I definitely like the idea. I think they need to spend another couple of years writing and gigging together before making another push to record something, but I will be curious to see what they can do with a little more time and experience.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 5/10

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