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Nefertum – Revered Lames

Released By : UK Division Records

Genre : Symphonic Black Metal

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Innos – Vocals

Geny – Guitar

Uruk Hai – Guitar

Max – Keyboard

TJ Hell – Bass

Maul – Drums


1. Revered Lames

2. Slaves Of Darkness

3. Beneath The Ashes

4. Crossdressphyxia

5. Blackhearted

6. Rotting Idle’s Inquisition

7. Hatredance

8. Lustful Requiem

Italian black metal act NEFERTUM were formed in 2003 and from day one decided that they wanted to play an open-ended brand of black metal that took clear influence from more modern days groups like ARCTURUS. They began their assault on the underground metal scene with a very highly regarded demo that was called DEMO(n). Critics and metal fans alike were quick to point out how good the demo was and the poor recording quality was offset by the complete demo being offered up for free on the bands website. After spending a few years writing and recording, that was done in between support slots for bands like  Dark Tranquillity, Dismember and Necrodeath and after a long wait we now have the bands full length debut album REVERED LAMES.

Truth be told, this is a pretty decent, if a little uninspired black metal album that will probably split the bands previous supporters straight down the middle. On one hand you will have the people that feel that this is just a natural progression that the band needed to take, but on the other hand will be the underground die-hards that think that the heart & soul have been taken out of the band with a more commercial production. I am personally sitting on the fence a little bit myself. I do like the high quality production and at times it really reminds me of the aural soundscapes you would usually hear on a DIMMU BORGIR album. But the downside of that is NEFERTUM are a long way back from the genius of DIMMU BORGIR and at times REVERED LAMES can sound a bit like a cheap imitation.

ROTTING IDLE’S INQUISITION and SLAVES OF DARKNESS do show a band that have plenty to offer, but to find two really good songs amongst an album of otherwise mediocre songwriting isn’t quite enough for a pass mark this time around. I do think that NEFERTUM have shown some real potential on REVERED LAMES, but to advance any further of the chain, I think they need to be able distance themselves from their peers a little bit and find an edge that can give them some uniqueness. While the album is worth seeking out for die hard fans of DIMMU BORGIR, I personally will await their follow up release to determine whether or not they are a band worth pursuing.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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