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Resurrecturis – Non Voglio Morrie

Released By : Casket Records

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

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Carlo Straapa – Guitar, Vocals

Marco Raccichini – Guitar, Vocals

Manuel Coccia – Bass

Alessandro”Urmuz”Vagnoni – Drums


1. The Origin

2. Prologue

3. Fuck Face

4. Corpses Forever

5. The Artist

6. Save My Anger

7. Calling Our Names

8. After The Show

9. The Fracture

10. Away From The Flock

11. Where Shall I Go From Here?

12. Walk Through Fire

13. In Retrospective

Sometimes being a music reviewer can be quite the humbling experience. Along the way you learn a lot of stuff about a lot of bands and can every now and then feel pretty smart indeed. But then, every time you might get a bit content something comes from out of nowhere to remind you just how much there is left out there to discover.

That is precisely what happened when I spent some time with this new album from RESURRECTURIS.

Upon opening the parcel that this album came in I was immediately on the back foot. For one I had never heard of RESURRECTURIS, secondly was the fact that the title of the album was in a language I did not understand and then we have the pretty ordinary cover artwork too. All of this combines made me think it was going to be some obscure Italian indie rock or post-rock group, but the truth would turn out to be something completely different. As I turned over to the back cover, I was surprised to see the song titles were in English and instantly felt a little bit of relief. Upon opening up the deluxe fold out digipack I noticed that alongside the album disc, there was a DVD titled THE FRACTURE, and a lift-out song booklet with very death metal like lyrics. It was only at this moment that I decided to jump online and read a bit about the band, which let me to the massive surprise that they have actually been around since 1995, and are classed as one of Italy’s best ever underground death metal bands with quite a respectable following. All if of a sudden my hesitation turned to excitement and it was time to pop the disc in for a listen.

NON VOGLIO MORIRE (Italian for ‘I Don’t Want To Die’) is the band’s third full-length album and is actually the first chapter of a two album concept project. The music on the album is a version of death metal, that while quite technical in places and certainly falling under the progressive banner, but it also pays an homage to the death metal pioneers of days gone by with some very old-school death metal vibes strew throughout.

It’s not one of the best death metal albums I’ve ever heard, and on the odd occasion the vocals felt a little strained and forced, but for what it is, NON VOGLIO MORIRE is definitely a diamond in the rough.

In a surprising move, RESURRECTURIS have made the whole album available as a free download from their website, but I do suggest trying to snare a physical copy because the accompanying DVD is well worth the cash. It features a video clip for THE FRACTURE, some photo galleries and most importantly a full live concert that the band did a few years ago. It’s not for everyone, I’ll admit that, and there is definitely still some room for improvement, but regardless of all of that, the album is definitely worth a few listens.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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