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Seventh Wonder – The Great Escape

Released By : Lion Music

Genre : Progressive Metal

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Tommy Karevik – Vocals

Andreas Blomqvist – Bass

Johan Liefvendahl – Guitar

Johnny Sandin – Drums

Andreas Soderin – Keyboard


1. Wiseman

2. Alley Cat

3. The Angel Maker

4. King Of Whitewater

5. Long Way Home

6. Move On Through

7. The Great Escape

My relationship with SEVENTH WONDER’s music started with their second album 2006’s WAITING IN THE WINGS which was referred to me by a close friend that urged me to give it a good listen. I was really impressed with what I heard, and being a fan of DREAM THEATER, this band seemed to be an automatic fit for me. Though I thought it was a very good album, nothing could have prepared me for the genius of their next release MERCY FALLS. Man, when I heard that disc it totally blew my mind and has since become one of my favorite albums of all time across all genres of music. At the time I decided that I liked SEVENTH WONDER just as much as DREAM THEATER and decided to have two favorite prog metal bands. When I heard that this new album THE GREAT ESCAPE was to be released I decided that if it was as good as MERCY FALLS they would officially become my favorite prog band of all time. Guess what?…… SEVENTH WONDER are now my undisputed favorite prog band of all time and I want to scream from the rooftops about how good this new album is.

To be fair, it’s a different beast to the previous album, but without the restrictions that can sometimes come with concept albums, this band has taken the usual formula and just absolutely masterclassed it. Once again I was left jaw wide open by vocalist Tommy Karevik who has cruised his way in to my favorite singers of all time list and is actually quite close to the top. I may sound like a fanboy from the way I am carrying on about this album but I just don’t care, it is just that good.

Album opener WISEMAN mixed catchiness and progressiveness perfectly and is just the start of something special. ALLEY CAT is the bands first video single and while accessible enough to be a single, still has the signature sound that just blows me away. THE ANGELMAKER is in the ballad vein and is another totally stellar vocal performance by Karevik. KING OF WHITEWATER is a track that DREAM THEATER would wish they had written and will please all fans of progressive music. LONG WAY HOME is an acoustic guitar slash piano based tune that just feels right and is perfectly placed on the album before MOVE ON THROUGH comes in and reminds you that even though the band have all of this class they can still rock it out too. Now the closing track THE GREAT ESCAPE really is something special. When I saw that it was thirty minutes long I was worried that it may not hold my attention, but it totally did and is sort of separated into individual chapters and is one of the most ambitious and perfectly executed progressive songs I have ever heard easily.

I’m sure not everyone will agree with my verdict on this one, but I’m being as honest as possible when I say that this is the best album I have listened to all year and should be heard by every person that calls themselves a fan of modern progressive metal. Obviously old-school prog purists will shun this review and tell me to go and listen to PAVLOV’S DOG or something like that, but all I can say is I know what I like, and THE GREAT ESCAPE is well deserved top scoring album that should see the band propelled into the limelight as one of the powerhouses of the genre.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 10/10

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