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The Mariana Hollow – Coma Heart

Released By : Trieste Records

Genre : Alternative Rock, Modern Rock

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Rebecca Spinks – Vocals

Danny Russell – Guitar

Richie Walden – Guitar, Vocals

Scott Chesworth – Bass

Adam Stanley – Drums, Vocals


1. Come Undone

2. Enemy Lines

3. Fires Go Out

4. Coma Heart

5. Final Call

6. Paperplane

7. As The Dust Settles

THE MARIANA HOLLOW are a female-fronted modern rock band that base themselves in Greater London. To my ears, the bands sound is based in the sensibilities of modern alternative rock, but also has a slight gothic rock tinge to it, and some slight modern progressive sounds a-la TOOL and A PERFECT CIRCLE.

Vocalist REBECCA SPRINKS was the last person to join the band, who up to that point had already wrote some songs and began moving the band forward. SPRINKS sent the band and MP3 demo of her vocal style, and one quick meeting later THE MARIANA HOLLOW was born.

There is no doubt in my mind that THE MARIANA HOLLOW have huge crossover appeal and should find a sizeable audience if all goes well. Modern Rock fans will enjoy the radio-friendly formula and overall catchiness of the songs, the deep lyrics and emotional vocal tones will appeal to gothic rock and art rock fans alike, and the powerful image of a more than worthy female front lady will certainly spur on the female audience.

COME UNDONE is a radio ready tune that starts preceedings off excellently. ENEMY LINES is powerful and brooding song that reminded me a bit of BREAKING BENJAMIN and really could be a song released from a major label band given a tiny little bit more tweaking in the production department. The rest of the album moves along in similar manner with most songs being radio format ready. Slower song PAPERPLANE is possibly the bands most accessible tune and helps to showcase the songwriting capabilities of the group and also the range of vocalist REBECA SPRINKS. Closing track AS THE DUST DETTLES is probably my personal favorite on the album and sounds like a cross between TOOL, EVANESCENCE and BREAKING BENJAMIN.

It’s quite refreshing to listen to female fronted hard rock music where the vocalist isn’t singing in operatic falsetto or anything like that, just a gothic-tinged gravelly rock voice that isn’t too dissimilar to Francesca Chiara of THE LOVECRAVE, who’s album SOUL SALIVA was one of my favorites of the year.

If female fronted hard rock is your thing, THE MARIANA HOLLOW are sure to tick all of the boxes and their new album COMA HEART is a worthy purchase. For those that don’t like the whole chicks who rock thing, maybe at least give this one a listen before passing judgement as the album does have something to offer. Look out for these guys on modern rock radio stations around the globe in the coming months, I think they may well just be on their way.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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