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Skin – Breaking The Silence

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock


Line Up:

Nev Macdonald – Vocals

Myke Gray – Guitar

Andy Robbins – Bass

Dicki Fliszar – Drums


1. Good To Be Back

2. Don’t Call It Love

3. Stronger

4. Can You Feel It?

5. The Book Of Your Life

6. When I’m With You

7. Trigger Inside

8. Indestructible

9. Redemption

10. Bad Reputation

11. Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll

The career span of a band can take many twists and turns that may leave some bands in limbo and in such extreme and unfortunately common instances basically forgotten. Well for British quartet Skin an old school Rock band that got their first start in the early 90’s basically vanished for a span of 11 years until being invited in 2009 to play at the famous Download Festival in the UK. Don’t ask how the details came about but having not checked out these guys only in nits and pieces through the years, once I heard their latest and come back release “Breaking The Silence” I was assured they made the right choice to come back.

If the title of the record doesn’t hint about what the album’s music is about, then keep reading. Skin embraces the Hard Rock mantle with a mix of old school Hard Rock and Classic Rock that finds a fresh pathway into my senses. The opener “Good To Be Back” is a statement getter with a stamp on their return to the music business after being on a long hiatus. The simple riff structure here flows nicely in places taking me back to the “Black Ice” record from AC/DC. The harmonic driving anthem of “Stronger” marks a good feel vibe through the roots of it’s crunchy guitar lick. Lead vocalist Neville Macdonald tops the building rhythm and bass grip of “Can You Feel It“, which promises nothing but a “rocking arena” feel with some noteworthy group backing vocals.

Time to cool down things a bit with a classy rock ballad in “When I’m With You” which has the band laying back a bit like a breeze in the wind, a well done ballad here packs a sweet 80’s Hard Rock flavor throwback to the good days of old. The heavy artillery diesel of the crashing guitar riff in “Indestructible” is a warming track which sparks up the bottom half of the record. The last track “Born To Rock & Roll’ ends this come back journey in high gear as Skin leaves a good taste in my mouth with a perfect return to form from these cagy veterans of the UK rock scene. What took so long? Who knows but is always good to pick up one of these “return to form” redemption or call it what you will records, because what you may find may usually surprises you. This is one of those feel good albums with plenty to offer and one which any fan of rock should check out.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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