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Black Country Communion – Black Country Communion

Released by Mascot Records

Release Date: November 20th, 2010

Genre: Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Blues


Line Up:

Glenn Hughes – lead & backing vocals, bass (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath)

Joe Bonamassa – guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals

Jason Bonham – drums, percussion (Foreigner, Bonham, UFO)

Derek Sherinian – keyboards (Dream Theater, Planet X, Alice Coper, Kiss, Relocator)


1. Black Country

2. One Last Soul

3. The Great Divide

4. Down Again

5. Beggarman

6. Song Of Yesterday

7. No Time

8. Medusa

9. The Revolution In Me

10. Stand (At The Burning Tree)

11. Sista Jane

12. Too Late For The Sun

This one is surely a doosy folks, and anybody who has been lucky enough to hear this supergroup project led by the talented Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) and Jason Bonham, son of legendary Zeppelin drummer John Bonham would most likely agreed with that statement. What we have here is a transgression of Classic Rock roots mended with the Blues and banded by a mix of great southern comfort songwriting and mingled together to form one hell of an experience from these talented band mates.

I have nothing more to say about Glenn Hughes other then he’s one of the best all around vocalist in Rock and has been for a long time, and his performance in BCC is proof of that. The talents of Joe Bonamassa who has primarily been sticking to his blues influence rock in his solo efforts is seamless here. The other 2 pieces fit like gravy to mash potatoes, the thick bass by Hughes on each song here and the relentless drum assault of Bonham are pristine. This just shows you how when all the pieces fall in place something so great like this is the outcome.

The opening title track is one of the best songs I have heard all year long, with Glenn Hughes belting out an banshee of angry muddy blues and rock stating why this band is here to make way and open up ears to the masses. “One Last Soul” is another substantial force to be wrecking with as the drums of Bonham crack a hole in the ether with vengeance. The groundwork is paved lively as the jam that gears up ahead in “Beggarman” reigns in with a thick rhythm and section work and the attractive chorus bridge by Glenn. The mechanically perfect and exquisite guitar playing of “Song Of Yesterday” will not go lightly into the night because instrumentally speaking this is a beast of track with a resilient guitar solo by Bonamassa.  The stomping bassline of “The Revolution In Me” is desicenvely interesting letting each member thrown in their own unique playing on the table.

Easily one of the best debuts of the year and conceivably one of the best records of the year also. Production is sound and sharp having Kevin Shirley’s signature sound all over it since the group is his brain child after all. Glenn Hughes has never sounding better as he wails and roars all over the place to induce the album with soul and grassy emotions. Joe Bonamassa plays skillfully and with a sense of entitlement. Let’s not forget Derek Sherinian and his classic rock keys would make John Lord envious, and the massive drum beats of Bonham would probably make his old man proud. Is a super group that actually lives up to the name and in the process delivers a much needed slammer in the Hard Rock category.  A must have for anybody, dig it? Please do.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   10/10

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