Tank – War Machine

Regardless of the comparisons Doogie is a great vocalists and it really makes the track stand out on it's own and the record revives the super speedy, nifty tightly...

Released by: Metal Mind Productions

Release Date: December 7th, 2010

Genre: Heavy Metal

Links: http://www.tankofficial.com

Line Up:

Doogie White – Lead Vocals

Chris Dale – Bass guitar

Mick Tucker – Guitar

Cliff Evans – Guitar

Dave ‘Grav’ Cavill – Drums


1. Judgement Day

2. Feast Of The Devil

3. Phoenix Rising

4. War Machine

5. Great Expectations

6. After All

7. The Last Laugh

8. World Without Pity

9. My Insanity

Old school heavy metal will always have a place in my heart, why? Well because people like the legendary and now the late Ronnie James Dio for instance carried the metal torch for many years enticing audiences and waving the metal flag proud. A band like Tank who was founded by in the 80s and considered at the time amongst the leaders in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal has now resurfaced with a new studio album titled “War Machine”. Consider the band hasn’t made any music together since 2002, and the only original members left are guitarists Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans makes it even more shocking that they still sound pretty damn good.

The return of Tank is a welcome surprise in the classic metal category not only because it throws a nod to the old school root of metal, but bringing one of my favorites vocalist around in Doogie White on board makes the album an instant attraction. Make no mistake about it White sounds like a carbon copy of Dio reincarnated, hah maybe Ronnie would be take offense to that huh? Regardless of the comparisons Doogie is a great vocalist and it really makes each individual track stand out on it’s own. In War Machine, the band revives the super speedy, nifty tightly NWOBHM riffs of old all with the help of the dual guitars of Tucker and Evans.

On the opener “Judgement Day” White embraces the role of torch bearer and takes it from there strutting his vocals like he can truly can. A message of distress comes burning through in the scorcher “Phoenix Rising” when the dual guitar tag team takes center stage again with some cool trade back solos midway through. The soft starter “After All” packs a blinding punch with it’s more laid back approach coming across and bridging over with a more moving piece featuring a punishing guitar lead across the way. Most of the songs follow the same construct so you are not going to get blown away by this creation, but again there is plenty here to clang on to for certain.

For some odd reason the first time I heard this promo I thought it lagged on too long and the majority of the songs sounded pretentious and predictable, but on multiple listens I picked up on that classic power fist energy compiled into each song. The vocals by Doogie White are outstanding as customary, but what you also get a chance to hear him in a different light then some of his more neo classical style stuff from the past records with Yngwie Malmsteen. The guitar assault of Tucker and Evans really hold the structure of the songs together with some impervious playing throughout; all the wile managing to not sound outdated or too modern. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’ve heard all the past stuff from Tank from the 80’s because I haven’t, but since my review is based on this particular record I have to admit that it was quite pleasing to listen to and for people not familiar with Tank I suppose it would be a good cd to pick up to see what they can still offer this time around.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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