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Miss Behaviour – Last Woman Standing

Released by: Avenue of Allies

Release Date: January 28th, 2011

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/AOR


Line Up:

Sebastian Roos – Vocals

Erik Heikne – Guitars

Henrik Sproge – Keyboards

Anders Berlin – Drums


01. 1988

02. Cynthia

03. Give Her A Sign

04. Perfect War

05. Average Hero

06. Till We Meet Again

07. Taking Hostage

08. Emergency

09. Living The Dream

10. Last Woman Standing

11. 11th Hour

Ahh the new year welcomes new life and rejoicing all the good fortunes ahead, new resolutions like my promise to try to do a little more exercise and drink less booze. I bet Sweden’s new resolution was to keep on producing more kick ass Melodic Hard Rock bands from their little treasure country hah? Another Swedish hard rock group blazes the stage and makes a big splash!!!

The boys from Miss Behaviour sound and look just like another band from the sunset blvd days in the 80’s. With a retention for good infectious melodies ala The Poodles or the magnificent H.E.A.T, these guys look like initially they have all the right tools to take the scene by storm.

The guys stated that they had a “passion for 80’s Melodic Hard Rock and AOR, and their vision was to have their own Rock band inspired by the great band of the Eighties while adding a fresh and modern twist to their sound” Obviously setting yourself apart from all the success the Scandinavian bands are having these days is not easy, but an early listen on “Last Woman Standing” I thing they pass the test. The duet on the title track is exquisite with guest female vocals from .

The first check for me was the smooth vocals of front man Sebastian Roos who I kid you not; sounds like a young Tony Harnell and anything in this record can borrow some influences from early TNT material blend in with their own modern sound. A little pomp is ignited in the anthems of “Give Her A Sign” with a short but sweet melodic solo for good measure. Proving that power can be indeed balanced out with melody is the perforating track “Perfect War” which features a guest guitar solo from Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Ex-Helloween). The cool sublime keyboards lead the way in “Till We Meet Again” the bands first single and incidentally the video for this lovely tune is featured on our front page Video Picks. The blissful duet in the title track tops a streak of nice tunes with guest female vocals from Kajsa Berg.

You have to handed to all these European groups for taking initiative and going with the flow while the iron is hot. The scene has obviously just resurfaced so much and with so many labels and acts now going back to the roots of Melodic Rock you keep on finding bands like these with young talented musicians that are not afraid to borrow the influences and makes it their own. There’s just something special in the Rock scene in Sweden and bands like Miss Behaviour reassure that motive. Fans of AOR and Melodic Rock jump  up as yet another great start for the genre early 2011. Highly Recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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