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Nine Stones Close – Traces

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Rock

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1. Reality Check


3. Falling To Pieces

4. Traces

5. Thicker Than Water

The band Nine Stones Close is pretty much a one man show based around the talents of Adrian Jones. Sure he had some great musos contribute to the album, but the guitars, the arrangements and the lyrics are all credited to Jones. Jones hails from the Netherlands and since 2008 has been giving everything to getting Nine Stones close up and running. An earlier album was released but I must admit that I am still yet to hear it.

Traces is a progressive rock album but not in the usual sense, the sound actually has more to do with modern bands like Porcupine Tree and Alice In Chains than anything but is full to the brim with mesmerizing passages and some hypnotic guitar playing. I’m told that the drums on this album were programmed rather than played live, and if that’s true then this is the first time I’ve ever heard a programmed drum sound that I actually like and I could have sworn there was a real drummer playing these tunes.

Everything on offer is done quite well and should satisfy a lot of progressive music fans, but I do have some reservations about the album too. Basically it’s all just a little bit too laid back and downbeat for my liking, and while the near twenty minutes it takes to listen to the first two tracks was very enjoyable, after that I hate to assay it but started to get a little bored. In places this could almost be classed as shoegaze music rather than progressive rock.

I will still recommend the album to fans of modern sounding progressive rock music, but just remember to approach it with caution because there’s not a whole lot going on here that will jump out at you. TRACES is definitely a headphones and eyes closed kind of album and needs to be studied properly if you are to gain the full effect.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

Note : While writing this review it came to my attention that Nine Stones Close has just inked a deal with Prog Rock Records, so congratulations Adrian, I hope you begin working on a new album right away.

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