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The Gray Lions – Run Wild

Released by: Northeast Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock


Line Up:

Marc L Rubinstein: Guitars and Vocals

John T. Leight: Bass

J. A Landry:  Drums and Percussions

Mark Hudson: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


1) Lost My Woman

2) Who Do You Love

3) Crimes Of Passion

4) Luck Of The Draw

5) Love Come Soon

6) The Forgotten Man

7) It Just Ain’t Enough

8) Disarming Prince Charming

9) Don’t Do It

10) Smaug’s Revenge

11) Years Of Gold

12) You Were Wrong

The history of the creation of The Gray Lions has more chapters and incorporates more experience then a Britannica Encyclopedia. The record is produced by none other then Mark Hudson of the famous Hudson Brothers, also a much touted form his early production days when he worked with such great acts as : Ringo Starr, Ozzy and Aerosmith to name a few. The band is made up of Marc Rubinstein of Pig Light Show. Don’t ask me about to describe this famous light show, all I’m gong to say after watching some Facebook videos on them , it sounds like a cray fun acid trip through rock. Weird and strange but interesting for sure.

Encouraged by the quality of material from Marc demos, Hudson’s friendship and keen skill for producing rock encouraged Rubinstein to follow up on his demos and a year later a complete record came together with Hudson performing guitar and vocals as well as producing it. So with a few spins I introduce you too a very well performed record that has it’s own personality.

The jungle opens wide when the classic rock roots of “Lost My Woman” wail over your head instantly. The smooth tongue and cheek melodic groove of “Crimes of Passion” breaks ground with a memorable chorus. I want to break away from the thought of Rubenstein voice sounding like a cross mix of a Jim Morrisson, hell the track “Disarming Prince Charming” has a charming essence of what The Doors may have sounded like in this era. I thought I was listening to some trippy Steve Miller influenced stuff when the song “Smaug’s Revenge” spaced me out. The record play like a culminations of influenced varied and wide, but always reverting good old rocking and roll formula in it’s core.

What it often feels like a project dream release, the friendship between Hudson and Marc has not only evolved their creative minds, but it delivers a very sounding modern classic rock record? Hints of Grateful Dead, The Doors, Stones, Dylan and everything in between still resonate in the guitar licks of Rubenstein. Production wise well we shouldn’t even cover that half because the Hudson’s profile speaks for itself, the surprising thing is how classy the songs come across as the band also composed of bassist John T Leigh and drummer J. A Landry form a quite formidable gang and for any listener looking to reminiscent on classic rock of the past, well chances are you will definitely find something to rave about. Check it out!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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One thought on “The Gray Lions – Run Wild

  1. Dear Denys –

    Thank you very much for the generous and thoughtful Review of RUN WILD by “The Gray Lions.” It is nicely written and well done. A positive review is always nice to realize, and yours is exceptional. I appreciate your kindness, and most of all, I am glad you like the new album.

    Respectfully Yours,
    J.A. (Jim) Landry
    The Gray Lions


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