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Kingsley – Digital Providence

Released by: Independent Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Alternative Rock


Line Up:

Brandon Sweene – (vocals, guitars)

Stephen Limbaug – (keys)

Ian Schaeffe – (bass)

Nadir Maraschin – (drums)


1. Stars

2. Sunshine

3. Brand New Day

4. The Game

5. Imagination

6. Rejected

7. Take Me

8. All of Me, All of You

9. Greed

10. Miracle

11. Wait for You

12. It’s Complicated

13. Revolution

14. Last Man

Out of Los Angeles, California I received the CD of a band called KINGSLEY. Their sound is modern and typical 00s (or should 10s!) Rock, which is catchy and very melodic. Not original perhaps, but what they are doing here is of a very high level and could just as well be from a major band on a major label.

Their sound is somewhere between the more polished American way of modern rock (30 SECONDS TO MARS, JIMMY EAT WORLD, HOOBASTANK…) and the British renewed New Wave sound of bands like THE KILLERS, THE EDITORS and WHITE LIES, with here and there even a classic 1980s DURAN DURAN/PLATINUM BLONDEish chorus (“Brand new day”). Thank God, the band has a very good lead singer and also instrumental it all sounds perfectly played, so if mentioned acts belong to your favorite ones, well then you will definitely love this KINGSLEY.

It is Melodic Rock for sure, but in today’s typical modern setting, so including a sorta classic U2ish guitarsound, some cool memorable guitar riffs, trance like keys/synths and radio-ready melodies all over the place, while the tempo is usually uptempo and quite danceable! It should be easy to launch this band into Europe, as their sound is something which is very common on European Radio and TV the present day. Actually I am quite convinced that this KINGSLEY could possibly be the next big thing if they have their lucky break. 14 songs are included and if they make a nice video to their song “Brand new day”, then huge airplay should be guaranteed!

A song like “The game” is a definite crowd favorite, as this is a super catchy uptempo rocker that can easily compete with songs by all those UK bands from the past few years. In that same category belongs “Take me”, which has a deadly catchy chorus that sounds pretty commercial actually (BON JOVI would be very jealous!). Or how about “All of me/All of you”! Well, actually each of the 14 included tracks a pleasure to listen to, so concluded, check out this band for yourself.

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor   8/10

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