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Aisles – In Sudden Walks Review

Released by: Melodic Revolution Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock


Line Up:

Sebastián Vergara (Vocals)

Rodrigo Sepúlveda (Guitars)

Germán Vergara (Guitars)

Alejandro Melendez (Keyboards)

Luis Vergara (Visuals and Keyboards)

Felipe González (Bass)

Felipe Candia (Drums)


1. Mariachi (9:59)

2. Revolution Of Light (4:41)

3. Summer Fall (9:56)

4. The Maiden (9:28)

5. Smile Of Tears (4:00)

6. Hawaii (14:58)

As soon as I heard a sample song of the Santiago, Chile based band AISLES I knew this was going to be something special. The band consists of 7 musicians, of which the 3 brothers Vergara form the main core of the band. The band has released 2 CDs so far, of which ‘In sudden walks’ is the most recent one.

The album starts with a semi-instrumental progrock journey that also includes some Spanish talking between a man and a woman, but the following track “Revolution of light” shows we are dealing with a highly sensational and very interesting band. This tune is an uptempo super melodic and catchy progressive rocker that sounds like a mix between JADIS, ROBBY VALENTINE (!) and ENCHANT, with a killer AOR chorus. Need to be said that it is also the best song and most melodic track on the album, because most of the other material is quite lengthy pure progrock, which on the other hand is of course also very impressive.

However that song is really the standout track on the band’s CD, but nevertheless the other tracks are also definitely worth checking out as well, such as the atmospheric “Smile of tears” that somehow reminds me of early 80s New Wave UK bands. The other tracks are all more Neoprog orientated and not too far away from bands like IQ, PENDRAGON, PALLAS and such, although for example closing track “Hawaii” also has touches of PORCUPINE TREE and even some Jazzy moods. In the end, this 2nd album of

AISLES was a more diverse record than their debut, which was the 2005 released album ‘The yearning’, because that album was clearly a more traditional type of prog album with clear YES, ELP and some RUSH influences. I just hope that next time the band includes some more of these catchy ‘little’ tunes like “Revolution of light” on their record, because that song alone is one of the finest tracks that caught my ear recently! Still with 2 excellent pure progalbums already under their belt, this Chilean band AISLES should definitely become a household name within the prog community.

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor   8/10

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