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Voice Of Addiction – Refuse Reuse Resist Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Punk Rock

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1. Wrecking Ball

2. Constant Pollution

3. September Remembered

4. Jo-c

5. Mother

6. Warriors

7. Decision Street

8. Need To Feed

9. U’re All Craxy

10. System Control

11. 45 Revolutions

12. Bombs Away

13. Need Change

Punk music is general has been rightfully regarded in the past as a pretty hard genre to get into. As a rule most of the music that encompasses the style has a very strong political edge, and while most of the time Punk bands are singing about things that the normal everyman can get behind, the fact it that not all of us are strong in our political views. It’s also a pretty simplistic style of music in general, and high quality musicianship isn’t classed as one of the more important facets of the style. As much as a lot of people begrudge bands like GREENDAY and OFFSPRING for making Punk-based music more accessible you have to admit that since they changed the game there’s been a lot more interest in the style.

That brings me to this new album REDUCE, REUSE, RESIST from Chicago favourites VOICE OF ADDICTION. Now, these guys have been tearing up their part of the world on some great stages and each of their releases has been met with a fair bit of affection, and this new album will only help to propel them further into the stratosphere and should net them some rather decent worldwide respect too. At its core it’s a punk album with all of the trimmings you would expect from a release of its origin, but there’s also a more slightly accessible pure Rock edge to the sound that could help those on the fringes give it a bit more of a chance. Songs like WRECKING BALL, MOTHER, WARRIORS and 45 REVOLUTIONS will certainly please fans of bands like RANCID and PENNYWISE but I also pre-empt some interest from DEAD KENNEDYS fans too.

VOICE OF ADDICTION certainly aren’t re-writing the Punk handbook with REDUCE REUSE RESIST, but by adding a small amount of a more standardized Rock sound they have created something that is interesting and a little bit different while feeling familiar and comforting at the same time. In an age where most Punk bands area happy to align themselves with pop music for a more commercial style, it’s nice to listen a band like VOICE OF ADDICTION that aren’t afraid to the leave the rougher edges intact. In one word……Enjoyable.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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