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Essenza – Devil’s Breath Review

Released By : Big Mud Records

Genre : Heavy Metal

Link :


Line Up:

Carlo -guitar/vocie

Alex – bass

Paolo – drums



1. Devil’s Breath

2. Deep into your Eyes

3. (Universe) in a Box

4. Edge of Collapsed World

5. Dance of Liars

6. Rock ‘n’ Roll Blood

7. Fighting the Wind

8. Flying Acrobats


Normally an album that was released back in 2009 wouldn’t really get any updated reviews here on Myglobalmind, but due to the fact that ESSENZA have just signed a deal with Red Cat Promotions, who have subsequently begun actively promoting their DEVIL’S BREATH release I guess we’ll head a couple of years back down the highway and have a look at the album.

Being that the band are rooted in a traditional eighties metal style, mixed with a bit of a hard rock spine, I suppose two years doesn’t really make a difference as this music isn’t meant to sound modern or up-to-date at all. I will say that it took me a good few listens before I could say I was enjoying it and it’s really not an album that is likely to grab anyone by the balls the first time around. The Italian accent on the vocals is quite strong in most places and the cleaner sections made it even more noticeable, whether or not that is an issue for you depends on your preferences of course, but for me it kind of got a bit too much. Musically it’s an interesting mix of say DIO and JUDAS PRIEST all mixed in with a slight touch of Thrash Metal, which does make for something that sounds a little bit unique in certain songs. The high-point for me personally on DEVIL’S BREATH would have to be the interesting lead guitar work… While it never gets to any virtuoistic point, I enjoyed the colouring and the attention to make it sound engaging without having to resort to mindless shredding.

ESSENZA may not be the world’s next big thing, but they are a pretty good band and worth checking out if you like traditional metal and classic hard rock. DEVIL’S BLOOD will surely be an album that is more accessible for those with more of a lenience toward thick Italian accents, but it’s still a worthy listen for those that have a bit more of a hard time with them.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    7/10


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