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Crazy Lixx – Riot Avenue Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: April 24th, 2012

Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock



Line Up:

vocals: Danny Rexon

Bass: Luke Rivano

Guitar: Andy Dawson

Drumms: Joey Cirera



01. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

02. Young Blood

03. Riot Avenue

04. Fire It Up

05. Downtown

06. In The Night

07. Church Of Rock

08. Heatseeker

09. Sweet, Bad & Beautiful

10. Be Gone

11. Only The Dead Know


I make no bones about the fact I have been supporting the New Wave of Swedish Sleaze since a few years ago when bands like Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar and Babylon Bombs to name a few, started just dishing out kick ass records that brought 80’s nostalgia back into the forefront. These type of groups have just patented that formula, style and sound down to perfection, and whether the mainstream media finds it appealing or not, I personally don’t give a rats because at the end of the day the music is what counts and is damn good.

If you remember Crazy Lixx’s second studio album “New Religion” was rated very highly here on Myglobalmind, and for the almost two years that followed that record we have been waiting on some new material from the guys, and well anxiously we finally got our first listen of what is now Crazy Lixx third studio record titled “Riot Avenue”.

The band was formed in Malmö, Sweden and started making waves in the underground scene as they slowly started making  a name for themselves behind the grinding vocals of lead singer Danny Rexon and the cunning guitar work early on of Vic Zino now in Hardcore Superstar; Vic was later to be replaced by current axe man Andy Dawson. While their last record was widely considered one of the best in the Hard Rock scene, commercially this style of music, even in Sweden is not widely accepted as a commercial success. Therefore the guys and alongside a tight bunch of groups that I have mentioned before have kept on hitting the road and building a decent following for themselves and it is their hope that the music spreads to further places across the globe and internationally. So far so good as publicity has been quickly picking up steam through the last few years, and is my hope that with more support the movement takes it to higher levels then previously reached.

In Riot Avenue this outfit has successfully carried the torch from it’s predecessor and just rip forward with redemption and with enough sleaze attitude to make past iconic bands like Kiss, the Crue, G&R sound like ancient relics. Is not only the imagery, the style, the sound and the energy, but also if you take into consideration the state of the music scene around the world and the way that the market is driven by talent less people, I think we have forgotten how to “rock” again you know? Bands like Crazy Lixx are devoting themselves to a scene that will refuse to die even with lackluster album sales, or enormous popularity. Is not about the money but is about just giving a damn and playing the music you love and grew up listening and respected, and applying those same formulas in the past but regulating it to the current scene. This is where these guys and other fellow bands excel.

This record just scorches throghout and I quickly found out that there is hardly any weak moments. The opening tune “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot” is something taken out of a Kiss-alogy concert series, just great anthem opener with a driving chorus. The title track is another slammer of a tune with a dominating piercing guitar riff that keeps you energized. One of my favorites cuts on the album has to be “In The Night” everything about this song spells triumph, the moment where you say, yes these guys have it, the music is hard and striking as are the bombastic choruses and punishing guitars. Only song that is a bit on the weak side is “Heatseeker” as the rhythm here deters from the rest of the album and it’s vibe, but even then that song is not half bad.

What I look for in a great Hard Rock albums are dominating melodies, kick ass guitar riffs, a riveting chorus line which Crazy Lixx usually packs on the heavy duty side in each song, and you combine that on top of your typical nuances that you find from Melodic Hard Rock bands, and you have a winner. But you know is all fine and dandy with me just saying this, the bottom line is that bands like Crazy Lixx and others need your support, they have taken the initial step are now in the queue for success, but without the fan base and support reaching a little farther, the impact is just not the same. So go out and see these guys live, book them they will come, cheer them on and they will kick your ass live, listening to the latest album by Swede’s Crazy Lixx……..Priceless.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10

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