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Steel Assassin – WWII Metal of Honor Review

Released by: High Roller Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

John Falzone – Vocals

Phil Grasso – Bass Guitar

Greg Michalowski – Drums

Kevin Curran – Guitars

Mike Mooney – Guitars



01. God Save London

02. Blitzkrieg Demons

03. The Iron Saint

04. Four Stars Of Hell

05. Bastogne

06. Guadalcanal

07. The Wolfpack

08. Normandy Angels

09. Red Sector A


Concept albums are a bold endeavor for a band to take, whether they’re seasoned veterans like Pink Floyd and Queensryche or new bands like Steel Assassin. Sometimes they work, and then other times they fail horribly. In the case of Pure Steel Promotion’s band Steel Assassin’s upcoming release WWII: Metal Of Honor they got it exactly right. Though not your typical concept album in the traditional sense, the common theme of World War II runs through the whole album giving it just enough concept, but keeping the songs able to be stand alone if need be.

Guitarist Kevin Curran did a ton of research pulling together various ideas when it came to song writing for the album. The songs themselves pool together various influences combining to create the core sound of Steel Assassin. As the name alludes to, there is a very definite old school metal mentality running through the whole album. Twin guitar attacks of Curran and Mike Mooney give it that classic vibe ala Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The vocals are pure NWOBHM awesome from John Falzone. Going from a clean, but heavy sound to a soaring falsetto, Falzone hits the mark every time. Propulsive bass work by Phil Grasso and booming drums from Greg Michalowski round out the sound of Steel Assassin.

The songs flow seamlessly into the next, that driving beat and passionate singing taking the listener on an aural journey through some of the most important campaigns of World War II. Tracks like “Blitzkrieg Demon,” “The Iron Saint,” and “Guadalcanal” not only tells a story, but present metal tunes at their finest. Then tossing a curve ball into the mix they do an awesome cover of the Rush song “Red Sector A.” Surprisingly, it works well as a metal song, and Falzone’s voice is so mesmerizing you simply don’t miss the distinctive sound of Geddy’s voice. Rush is a band not many bands could pull off, but Steel Assassin do it without missing a beat. WWII: Metal Of Honor is an outstanding release I highly recommend to metal fans.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10


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