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Code of Silence – Dark Skies over Babylon Review


Released by: Mausoleum Records

Release Date: February 25th, 2013

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Gus Monsanto (Vocals)

Ben Randall (Guitar)

James Murray (Bass)

Scott McLean (Keys)

John Clelland (Drums)



01. Omertà

02. Bitter Sweet Paradise

03. Sky Is Falling Down

04. Tame The Tempest

05. Dark Skies Over Babylon

06. Seventh Seal

07. Witches Of November

08. Black Abyss

09. Knights Of The Crimson Cross

10. Midnight Cathedral (Veritas)

11. Here To Heaven


Predominately Scottish based band Code of Silence was founded in late 2010 by Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) and James Murray. With additions of experienced Brazilian singer Gus Monsanto (ex-Adagio, Revolution Renaissance, Takara), drummer John Clelland, a guitar virtuoso Ben Randall (ex-Power Quest) and keyboardist Scott McLean (Falloch) they recorded their first album “Dark Skies Over Babylon” which will be released on 25th of February by Mausoleum Records. Paul Logue compose all the music and produced the record, James Murray contributed as bassist and wrote lyrics.

The band plays Melodic Metal with strong Hard Rock influences and some hints of Progressive. Some similarities could be found with the works of The Reign of Terror though Power Metal and Neo-Classical elements are hardly presented here. Album is a concept story about Templar Knights.

Songs are mostly mid-tempo tracks with catchy melodies, strong arrangements, mighty riffs and use of epic Queen-like choirs. Guitars are actually the high spot of the album. Ben Randall is a very talented musician, every solo is clearly and virtuously played, he perfectly managed to perform both beautiful slow parts and ultra-fast passages. It is not a surprise that he (at just 17 years of age) had won the “Most Promising Young Guitarist” title at the 2008 London Guitar Idol contest. Just listen to the track “Black Abyss” to estimate his work, it’s really awesome.

Symphonic intro “Omerta” is followed by heavy “Bitter Sweet Paradise”. Then some fast moments are nicely fit to the album, songs like “Sky Is Falling Down”, “Tame the Tempest” are good examples of it. I would like also to highlight the completely up-tempo number “Knights of the Crimson Cross”, the very powerful and bright track. Other noticeable songs are “Witches of November” and “Black Abyss” (especially due to wonderful guitar solos).

The title track is slow and epic with nice piano and some heavy parts though it slightly long. “Midnight Cathedral” is also an epic track with nice synth solo, “Here to Heaven” is a worthy closer to the album, with sad and emotional piano at the beginning and the end.

2 bonus tracks are just different versions of album tracks, but is not a very bad addition to the whole release.

The production is excellent, the songs are good, but it seems to me that they could be slightly shorter and so the album would be more dynamic and driven. However fans of Melodic Metal/Hard Rock and guitar virtuoso-worshipers should surely pay attention to “Dark Skies Over Babylon”.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    8/10


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