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Known by millions as "Sister Mary" for her role in Queensryche's platinum selling Operation Mindcrime, Pamela Moore’s Resurrect Me is a full length offering that combines the best elements...

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Interviewed by Robert Cavuoto (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine



Pamela Moore’s – Shares her most personal experiences and feelings on Resurrect Me!


Known by millions as “Sister Mary” for her role in Queensryche’s platinum selling Operation Mindcrime, Pamela Moore’s Resurrect Me is a full length offering that combines the best elements of heavy metal music, both past and present. Featuring Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Brooke Lizotte (Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis) , and metal guitarist Michael Posch, Resurrect Me. brings an uncompromising wall of sound while showcasing Pamela’s three and a half octave range and melodic vocal arrangements. Four years in the making, Resurrect Me is a well-polished powerful 10 track album that stands on its own against anything in today’s metal marketplace!


Myglobalmind: Your new CD, Resurrect Me is killer. Tell me a little about the writing process and how long the CD took from beginning to end?

Pamela Moore: Thanks! Resurrect me took about four years to finish which wasn’t exactly the plan but that’s what happens when you get busy! I was living in Chicago when this all started, writing with my guitar player, Michael Posch. Eventually, I was forced to move back to my hometown of Seattle but we continued to write by sending files back and forth. I stuck to it because I loved what we collectively were accomplishing and finally finished just last year! Now, I have a great label behind me and Resurrect Me is available for the world to crank up and rock out to!

Myglobalmind: Where do you draw inspiration from when writing songs?

Pamela Moore: Mostly personal experiences or thoughts and feelings I might have about life in general. I tend to be a bit of a tortured soul and wear my heart on my sleeve, sometimes.

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Myglobalmind: My favorite track on the CD is “Melt Into You”; can you tell us about it?

Pamela Moore: Melt Into You was written during my fascination for all things Vampire! I think I watched the first movie of Twilight and pondered what it would be like to have a crush on someone who could change your life forever and perhaps not for the good. Seems some of the most fascinating relationships we get ourselves into are the most destructive. Makes for great passionate story telling.

Myglobalmind: Are there any personal favorite tracks on the CD?

Pamela Moore: I can’t say I have one absolute favorite but right now I am partial to “Awakening”. It may be considered the ‘sleeper song’ as it has a bit of a lazy, hypnotic feel at the beginning but as you are lured in the song takes on this chaotic ending that smashes you in the face!! Jeff Loomis does a ripping guitar solo and I am able to stretch out my voice even more at the end. I love it, it’s deceiving.

Myglobalmind: What do you want your fans to take away from this CD?

Pamela Moore: I think most artists hope that their listeners find a connection to the songs. Music is feeling and hopefully that is what they can relate to – feeling.

Myglobalmind: How important is it to have contact with the fans via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media?

Pamela Moore: VERY! The music biz is a whole different beast these days with social media sites available and being able to stay in contact with your fans has never been easier! Fans are the people that perpetuate your work of art not only financially but, for me, motivationally. They are like my personal cheerleaders when I need a boost. I read a fabulous quote from Ronnie James Dio about his fans. “Without them, we aren’t. Without us, they will always be”, so true.

Myglobalmind: What’s been your biggest challenge both musically and professionally so far?

Pamela Moore: Perhaps, getting people to notice me as my own entity and not just a background singer.

Myglobalmind: What do you make of the Queensryche mess?

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Pamela Moore: I get asked this question all the time. It’s truly not my battle nor is it anyone else’s business to interfere with something that is not of their concern but all the members of Queensryche have been like family to me so it’s a tight spot. I want them all to thrive and grow and be successful. That said, it’s a little difficult for me to watch Geoff’s Queensryche version only because I’ve always known the brand as a team and not the sum of its parts. But, it is what it is. Change can be a good thing and it seems as though opportunities are making way for new beginnings for both camp. I wish them well.

Myglobalmind: Are you in contact with any members or plan to work with either version of the band?

Pamela Moore: I speak with the original members often. In fact, they asked me to do some subtle parts for them on a song called “A World Without” on their new self-titled CD. You have to really listen close though.

Myglobalmind: You have a beautiful voice with an amazing range, are you trained or did it come naturally?

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Pamela Moore: I never took a lot of vocal training, it’s mostly been hands on dos and don’ts through the years that have taught me a great deal!

Myglobalmind: Is it difficult breaking into heavy metal as a woman? Do you think the pop world is an easier ride for woman nowadays?

Pamela Moore: I still believe that being a female in the music industry in general is a challenge but no more of a challenge than in life! We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t so we might as well raise our heads high and show the world what we got!

Myglobalmind: What are some of the obstacles that you had to overcome?

Pamela Moore: My shyness was always a factor growing up. I still have that in me but have found a way to channel that into a positive. Also, exploring just who Pamela Moore is as an artist. I love all genres of music but I had to ask myself what best suits me? In the past, I always had people telling me I needed to be doing this kind of music or you need to be looking like that kind of artist and so on, so on. It’s taken a lot of soul searching to be honest and discover that I need to be who I AM and not what I think others want me to be. Only then do I have something to say and offer.

Myglobalmind: What do you make of the accolades people receive on The Voice and American Idol when you are a far better singer?

Pamela Moore: It’s weird. It’s not real life. That’s not the real music business, but then it does prove that you can make anyone a star if they have a decent voice, a lot of media attention, a butt load of money and LUCK!

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