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Black Label Society – Unblackened DVD Review


Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Acoustic Rock

Links: http://blacklabelsociety.com/home/



Line Up:

Zakk Wylde – guitar and piano

Nick Catanase – Guitars

John DeServio – Bass/Vocals

Chad Szeliga – Drums

Derek Sherinian – Keyboards/Piano,

Greg Locascio providing additional vocals



1.) Losin’ Your Mind

2.) The Blessed Hellride

3.) Sold My Soul

4.) Road Back Home

5.) Spoke In The Wheel

6.) House Of Doom

7.) Queen Of Sorrow

8.) Machine Gun Man

9.) Sweet Jesus

10.) In This River

11.) Throwin’ It All Away

12.) Takillya (Estyabon)

13.) Won’t Find It Here

14.) Rust

15.) Speedball

16.) I Thank You Child

17.) Stillborn


The bearded motorcycle rebel known to many in the metal world as Zakk Wylde and his bandmates BLACK LABEL SOCIETY band are certainly not averse to dwelling themselves in relaxed moments and sometimes taking a step back , you heard some of that back in ” Hangover Music Vol VI ” Ballads, these purely acoustic songs have always been integral parts of each BLS release and also one last hit with the Christmas EP and the bad bumpy titled “The Song Remains Not The Same “. So for those that wanted to capture the quieter side of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have to wait no more , especially  whilst waiting for studio album number nine.  Unblackened ” brings Zakk Wylde and company at their gig in spring 2013 at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles, however, this show turns out to be more than mere recording of a decelerated BLS show …

Because … a mere glance at the tracklist shows that ” Unblackened ” reveals almost a cathartic work of Wylde’s musical output.  Almost half of the songs were played from 1995’s Wylde solo album ” Book Of Shadows ” and the single , self-titled album of pre -BLS – band PRIDE & GLORY , the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY , however, is mainly represented by old material.  Dipped in warm – atmospheric stage lighting; give Wylde and company a canvas of mellow flow to work with-like pieces of a painting with a clear focus on bluesier and a country -heavy interpretation. Such is the case with harder numbers like ” Stillborn ” which transport a veritable laid back atmosphere compared to their originals.

Appropriately, Wylde retains at least in appearance he’s vocal aptitude. A nice homage is up on the obligatory salute to Dimebag Darrell in “In This River ” , almost bewildered and highly concentrated , he withdraws his characteristic for he’s known muddled vocals and moves to a large extent on pure clean vocals. This does not mean that there is no room for merciless reef ahead however. We still witness Zakk’s wizardry of the fret board no later than the third song extended beyond the usual length to provide its excessive shredding skills to the test.Guitarist Nick Catanese also joins the party , while Wylde sits at the piano, this works quite well , even in this setting. ” Unblackened ” benefits  also from the subdued sound which gives another plus in this video performance. All the instruments are clear and highly distinctive to hear as the more laxed setting gives way to new light when the band cuts through this set list.

Among the bonus features is the one-hour documentary about Zakk Wylde’s visit to an English prison most interesting, showing him under the covers while chatting about life anecdotes of his musicians . The six-minute interview about the background to the emergence of ” Unblackened ” , the official video for PRIDE & GLORY song ” Losin ‘ Your Mind ” and a photo gallery with backstage , rehearsal and concert recordings also are featured but don’t add any further validity to the package , but at the same time it does take away from overall experience of the main part. One thing worth mentioning is that ” Unblackened ” on CD , includes six songs not included on the DVD bonus tracks ( primarily cover and unplugged versions ) that appear, we received the DVD promo for review. Nevertheless, ” Unblackened ” is a welcome addition to the two live DVDs previously by BLS ” Boozed , Broozed & Broken – Boned ” and “The European Invasion – Doom troopin ‘ live’ , just because it’s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and it shows an unusual side.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10


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