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Majesty of Revival – Iron Gods Review

majesty of revival_cover

Released by : Power Prog Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal



Line Up:

-Dimitriy Pavlovskiy – Guitars, Back-vocals

-Konstantin Naumenko – Vocals

-Oleksa Dynnyk – Vocals

-Marat Adiev – Keyboards

-Vasiliy Dovhanych – Bass

-Vasiliy Irzhak – Drums

-Nelly Hanael – Back-vocals



‘Nameless Guest’

‘Infernal Grays’

‘Lost Empire’

‘Nocturnus Gate’

‘Wicked Game’

‘Close Your Eyes’

‘Edge Of Sanity’

‘Masked Illusion:’

‘Part II – Fatal Duel’

‘Part III – Perfect Lie’

‘Iron Gods’


Ukrainian band Majesty of Revival was founded about 4 years ago in Uzhgorod by talented guitarist and composer Dmitry Pavlovsky. The band released their debut full-length album “Through Reality” in 2012 and then worked on the successor “Iron Gods” which world-wide released will be 17/01/2014 on Power Prog Records.

These Ukrainians play Progressive Power Metal with strong Neoclassical/Shred influences and Symphonic Metal elements. If the first album was darker and had some common with Catharsis and Symphony X, the new release is faster, more melodic and varied. One original thing that the band has recruited the second singer and there are 2 lead singers now: Konstantin Naumenko and Oleksa Dynnyk, the first has slightly higher voice. Melodies and especially choruses are absolutely amazing in every song and two different voices work perfectly here. Moreover additional female vocal of Nelly Hanael is used in 2 tracks.

Pavlovsky plays in a Yngwie Malmsteen/Michael Romeo style, his Neoclassical passages are fast and technical, but does not limit he’s guitar technique as he plays as fast as possible and in contrast performs some other beautiful guitar parts. Keyboardist Marat Adiev is also very talented musician; he perfectly completes Dmitry with his inventive synths performed in the style of Michael Pinella (Symphony X), Jens Johansson (Malmsteen, Stratovarius) and Richard Andersson (Majestic, Time Requiem).

Song “Nameless Guest” opens the album. At once it becomes clear that Symphony X influences are very strong here. The song is fast and powerful, contains cool neoclassical solos and has several attractive melodies. I could not say that it is absolutely great but from the first track the band claims the highest level of their music. And I had some doubts if the next material would be the same quality.

The next track “Infernal Grays” is more decent and not so fast, it developed by Heavy Prog riffs. However it is closer to Symphony X again and a couple of wonderful guitar-key solos can be traced back to the best Romeo-Pinella exercises. The lead vocal is done by Konstantin Naumenko. Good track though it is not as bright as the first one.

“Lost Empire” begins with classical piano intro and then turns into Power Metal keeping piano background. This song contains Epic slow pseudo-orchestral part that gets completely atmospheric. It is good song but I prefer more dynamic material.

“Nocturnus Gate” has also classical intro but it plays by organ. Some parts of the song remind me symphonic works of Rage. Others are Power Metal with neoclassical influences with expected fast shredding guitar and keyboard solo in Johansson-style. Operatic break in Latin is dramatic and magnificent. Very strong number.

“Wicked Game” intensively starts with brutal scream. Guitar solos and some arrangements here are something closer to Victor Smolski (Rage) and they are nice. Hammond passages under prog power are fantastic! Another great song. But could it be better? Yes it could, because then coming “Close Your Eyes” – fast with bright double keys and neoclassical moments. Slower verse and fast wonderful chorus are very melodic like early Sonata Arctica. There are plenty superb keyboard solos in Richard Andersson and even Vitalij Kuprij style.

“Edge of Sanity” is mostly melodic and sad atmospheric song with some good moments. It is not so great but serves as a break before the next killer track.

“Masked Illusion” is a continuation of the instrumental track from the debut release. It consists of 2 parts, the first is brilliant technical neoclassical instrumental and the second is a song with impressive melody and superb chorus. Two guests have also helped to record this track, Jouni Nikula (Requiem, Altaria) sang some vocal lines and Magnus Nordh (Majestic, Time Requiem, Blind Faith) performed last guitar solo. “Masked Illusion” is the true masterpiece, I enjoy it very much, and this is one the best song that I heard from the last year.

I did not expect that the title song could be almost the same quality. But Majesty of Revival does it again! “Iron Gods” is the longest epic track that contains a lot of different themes not only representing all ideas of this record at one composition but including many new original elements. It is better to listen to it than describe it. One more masterpiece. This is the last regular track on the album.

But this edition contains an extra track titled “Mad Song”. And it is a really strange mad song. Heavy odd prog riffs and distort voice, some electronic effects and drums and background growls. It is insane but surprisingly cool track which shows another side of the band.

The album is really awesome, the sound and production are excellent. I am impressed very much by fantastic melodies, bright choruses, perfect neoclassical touches, very strong work of guitarist and keyboardist and rich vocal sound. It is very hard to me to find any flaws of this record. Since their first album the band progressed very much and “Iron Gods” is a real masterpiece. I should state that now they blisteringly burst into the Prog Power Top League and I hope Majesty of Revival will amaze us again. So this release is undoubtedly must have for all fans of Power, Progressive and Neoclassical Metal.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings     Egor     10/10

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