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Cripple Bastards – Nero in Metastasi Review


Released by: Relapse

Release Date: February 18th, 2014

Genre: Grindcore



Line Up:

Giulio The Bastard – vocals

DK – guitar

Schintu the Wretched – bass guitar

Al Mazzotti – drums



01. Malato Terminale

02. Fumo Passivo

03. Strage Di Ostacoli

04. Regime Artificiale

05. Lapide Rimossa

06. Promo-Parassita

07. Soggetto Leucemico

08. Passi Falsi

09. Occhi Trapiantati

10. Anima in Disgregazione

11. Senza Impronte

12. Nemico A Terra

13. L’apice Estremo

14. Sconfitto Di Ritorno

15. Agonia Di Un Rientro Forzato

16. Marcatori Positivi

17. Splendore E Tenebra

18. Morti Asintomatiche


The bands name gives you a hint as to the subtly your going to get here! Italian grindcore band are back on a bigger label this time which will hopefully give them a push. They are name that is known in the underground with 20 years behind them and even though they sing in their native tongue it does not detract from what they do.

Focusing solely on the music we have short blasts of intense noise with a production that is both raw and well produced. Studio Freeman has a knack of getting this balance just right and it gives Cripple Bastards a laser-guided attack.

The vocals are reminiscent of the death metal era of Napalm Death in the morrisound years mixed with the high-pitched vocal screams of the grindcore genre.

Not to stick strictly to the grindcore template they throw in a nine-minute song, which doesn’t deviate to far way from the chaos but adds some experimental noise, which works well and has an apocalyptic quality to it.

This release has the urgency of punk and heaviness of hardcore, which is what great good grindcore, should sound like.

So, if you have enjoyed the latest releases by Wormrot Insect Warfare and Phobia you will certainly get a kick out of this.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    8/10

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