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Bane of Bedlam – Monument of Horror Review


Released By : Independant/Self-Released

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre : Deathy Thrash Metal

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Line Up:







1. Woken by the Horde

2. Vultures of War

3. Torture

4. Murder

5. Heavens Ember

6. Voice of a Faceless God

7. The Atrocity Divine…

8. Monument of Horror


The most surprising part about MONUMENT OF HORROR, the second album from Melbourne, Australia-based metallers BANE OF BEDLAM is that it is an independent release. The quality of the artwork and packaging, the sound production and most importantly the quality of the music within just makes this album feel as though it really should have had some form of label backing behind it. But, credit where it’s due though, at this point in time the boys from BANE OF BELAM are going it alone.

The album is rooted in what you would call a more traditional thrash metal sound, but there are some slight progressive tinges, some death metal elements and even the occasional nod to a more modern metal sound. Where I can see this album dividing both critics and listeners alike is in the vocal style of front-man Brad Parker. He’s not a bad vocalist by a long way, but his style is somewhat unique to the thrash metal genre, with a voice that treads a mix of a more modern, almost DeathCore approach and even a Black Metal high pitch squeal. One thing’s for sure though, it certainly makes BANE OF BEDLAM heavier and more filthy that your average Thrash Metal outfit. Whether this is a good thing or not will of course depend on individual preferences.

What I enjoyed the most about MONUMENT OF HORROR personally was the nod to a slightly more technical Thrash element, that on occasions reminded me of my favorite metal album of all-time, ARISE, by the once mighty SEPULTURA, and also clear nods to MASTER OF PUPPETS/RIDE THE LIGHTNING era METALLICA. The lyrical content is also quite interesting, in that once again it steers away a little from what you would expect from a typical Thrash record and is more akin to some old-school Death Metal like earlier MORBID ANGEL or OBITUARY.

MONUMENT OF HORROR really is an album that people should quickly check out before purchasing. If you listen to two minutes or so of this album and enjoy what you hear, then buy away because one thing BANE OF BEDLAM have done well is to make a slightly unique sounding album but keep it cohesive and connected. An overall quite good second effort from a band that are possibly on the verge of bigger and better things.


Written    by    Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10


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