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Carcass live at Limelight 1, Belfast on September 19th, 2014




© David Bell

Photos by David Bell Photography

Live Gig review by David Mccallum



One of the most anticipated gigs of the last few years in Belfast. Carcass made a welcome return after almost a 20 year absence. This was their 4th performance in Belfast and their biggest to date. It was a gathering that seen people come out from near and far to see these titans of death metal. The stage was impressively set up with 3 screens of projections showing the grizzly images that we are so used to from Carcass. The recorded intro of “1985” from “Surgical Steel” set the atmosphere just right for the band to bound on to hammer the crowd with “Buried Dreams”, Bill Steer thrashed away stage left whilst Jeff Walker lead his troops headlong into some of the most classic death metal of the past 25 years.

The new boys Daniel Wilding and Ben Ash fit in perfectly and round out the sound perfectly. The band pushed “Surgical Steel” material and showed that this is not a trip down memory lane but a statement to reclaim their rightful place at the head table.   Steer and Ash traded riffs and solos with passion and precision, Walker’s banter was up to the usual cheeky high standard even going as far to take a poke at local politics and Michael McKeegan of Therapy? it was all good light hearted fun. Again another band who have a rich back catalogue and people are going to be disappointed that they didn’t play more of “Necroticism” or “Symphonies of Sickness”, however they covered all bases well even playing tracks from the not much talked about “Swansong” album. Unusual in Belfast to get so many quality gigs in a small space of time and it will not be a weekend forgotten in a hurry.







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