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Threshold – For the Journey Review


Released by: Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock



Line Up:

Damian Wilson – vocals
Karl Groom – guitar
Richard West – keyboards
Johanne James – drums
Steve Anderson – bass
Pete Morten – guitar



1. Watchtower on the Moon
2. Unforgiven
3. The Box
4. Turned to Dust
5. Lost in Your Memory
6. Autumn Red
7. The Mystery Show
8. Siren Sky


Threshold has been around for 25 years and have released many good albums. But, in my opinion, their 2012 release, March Of Progress, was their best (and my favorite). That was until now. Their tenth studio album, this years For The Journey, is now what I consider to be their best (and my favorite). I am a little amazed that they were able to improve on March Of Progress, but they did. Perhaps their ability to progress over the last 3 albums (I am including the 2007 release, Dead Reckoning, since it was the first on the band’s new label) stems from maturity and a new label, Nuclear Blast Records. Richard West (keyboards) recently said, “When you’re younger it’s very easy to allow relationships or minor disputes to get in the way. As band members, people and friends everybody has grown and we know how to work best together.” Lead singer Damian Wilson added, “Now we’ve got to know each other and become really great friends, which makes the music a lot easier.” As for their new label West says, “Since the band joined Nuclear Blast we’ve tried to make the ultimate Threshold album.” I think they’ve done that…twice in a row now. (The above quotes were taken from the “biography” section on the band’s website, written by Dave Ling)

I have always categorized Threshold’s sound as progressive rock or progressive metal and For The Journey is no different. But the band doesn’t care much for that label. Being labeled as a progressive band does tend to turn off some listeners. But don’t be afraid of the progressive label in regards to this band. Yes, they definitely use some progressive elements in their music but at Threshold’s core is a classic rock/metal sound.

For The Journey is a stunning piece of music. While listening to it you will hear the trademark Threshold sound. The songs are elaborate without being pretentious. The song writing is top notch, as is the musicianship. The songs are elaborate, with unexpected (or maybe expected if you’re a Threshold fan) twists and turns and little hidden passages that sometimes take a few trips through the album to come upon. And, always something I’m looking for, there are some great guitar solos.

You won’t find many bigger fans of progressive rock and metal than I, but I have been rather uninterested in the new releases from the genre in the last year or so. But this latest release from the sextant (Damian Wilson, Richard West, Pete Morten, Steve Anderson, Johanne James, and Karl Groom) from the UK has got me excited again about the genre (thank you!). For The Journey (and March Of Progress) should certainly propel Threshold to even greater heights in the future. I am already eagerly awaiting their next release. I don’t want to put pressure on the guys but it should be great. For The Journey is an amazing….well, journey


Written by Jeff Dupas

Ratings   Jeff    9/10

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