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Rival Sons live at Irving Plaza, NYC on October 3rd, 2014

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Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Marissa Rodriguez (Photographer/Live Gig reporter Myglobalmind Webzine

Blues/Rock band Rival Sons packed out Irving Plaza in New York City Friday night, October 3rd 2014 with music off of their new full-length album Great Western Valkyrie.  The new album began production in early 2014 with producer David Cobb and was released June 2014.  With Rock band Monster Truck’s roaring opening act, and Rival Sons putting on an impeccable and heartfelt performance, fans embraced the Western country rock vibe.

The band had audience members chanting for, “One more song”.  Rival Sons have come a long way in a short amount of time since their formation in 2008, and first 2009 self released album Before the Fire.  The Long Beach, CA natives continue to rise rapidly in the Rock music scene with a diverse and international fan base.

Rival Sons will see their last three U.S. tour stops at Brighton Music Hall, The Stone Pony, and Town Ballroom.  The first show of their Euro tour will begin Sunday, November 9th 2014 in Germany and conclude December 16th 2014 in the U.K.  Rival Sons are nominated for Album of the Year for Classic Rock Magazine.  Fans are able to vote for the band at




Members of Rival Sons are Vocalist Jay Buchanan, Guitarist Scott Holiday, Bassist Dave Beste, and Drummer Michael Miley.

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Great Western Valkyrie

Jay Buchanan – ‘This record is a filthy magazine hidden in the hymnal’
Set for release June 2014 via Earache Records, Great Western Valkyrie puts Rival Sons freewheeling fuzz and improvisational stage ethos to wax and cements their position as America’s next great rock’n’roll band. With a ‘conscious decision for this band to be just what it is’ (Jay Buchanan) this album is more cohesive than any Rival Sons album before and firmly plants their west coast sun-kissed rock as a record that feels at home with the loose revivalism of Jack White, the garage rock of The Monks and the soul of Alabama Shakes.

In Jays own words “We have one of the greatest rock’n’roll drummers and guitarists on the planet, so lets be a straight up rock’n’roll band”

Scott Holiday: “We have a reputation for recording our albums very quickly and keeping things very live – off the floor. This record is even more of a testament to that process. Once again, we wrote and recorded almost everything on the spot…but this time even more of what you hear on the album are our live takes…all playing together. In addition, there was very little overdubbing…Opting to keep the sound intact and very accurate as to deliver to the listener exactly what was happening in the room when we put it down.”

Jay Buchanan “Five records in, it just happens. The gestation period passes and you realize that you’ve chain-smoked and binge-drank your way through another pregnancy. How healthy will it be? Count: ten toes, ten fingers, vitals are stable and through grace it looks like you’ve skated by again. What makes this one different? Nothing or maybe everything. As it turns out, there was a false wall in the Rival Sonsbasement that concealed a vast collection of mystic literature. We burned it all.”

Great Western Valkyrie will be released June 6th in Europe, and June 9th in the UK on Earache Records

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