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Electric Boys Live At The Underworld, Camden on September 26th, 2014

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Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Anna Zurek



Friday nights in London are normally overflowing with stuff you could do in a city that never seems to sleep apart from when the Underground stops working obviously and then it’s usually on the bus. So you have to be quite a special band to fill up a venue like The Underworld in Camden while actually competing with parties and gigs all over Camden that same night. Guess who was that special band and what made this whole gig even more impressive then. Not sure? Well, read on my friend, it’ll be worth it.

First up were “Rock ‘n’ Roll pirates” Kinkade who warmed up the crowd with classic rock at its best. Great tunes that had you moving along in no time with a ballad here and there that reminded of Bon Jovi. All together with a band that really enjoyed themselves on stage which sooner or later positively rubbed off on the crowd and a guitarist who performed a magic trick by disappearing off stage and suddenly appearing in the middle of the audience. Just kidding, it wasn’t a magic trick really but pretty much as surprising.





Great entertainment that led to another supporting act of the night: Bad Touch. A band from Norfolk who literally rocked the stage blasting out heavy guitar riffs with a great rhythm section paired with Jim Morrison-esque vocals that sometimes also had a bluesy edge to them. If there’s one word that could describe this band best, it’d be “catchy”. Joining the likes of Blackwolf, Leogun and Reignwolf, these guys know how to combine their instruments to create a sound that has a raw, out of the 70s sound to it. Think The Doors, Led Zeppelin and a little bit of Black Sabbath when it comes to the heavier parts of their tunes. But that’s definitely not all Bad Touch have to offer. Some of their songs also combine great, melodic guitar solos with a grungy 90s feel similar to bands as Soundgarden or Alice In Chains. They offer a great variety musically but where that makes some band’s stage presence suffer, it doesn’t for these guys. Their show was as entertaining as their music was pleasant to the ears. Great potential that I’d recommend for you to check out as soon as possible otherwise your friends might pride themselves with discovering these guys first and who would want that, right?

Bad Touch


Last but not least the band the crowd at the Underworld had been waiting for so eagerly, entered the stage: Electric Boys. Known for their smash hit “All Lips ‘N Hips” in the late 80s, these guys have just recently released their new record “Starflight United” which they promoted with this tour. With one exception which makes everything a little bit more impressive considering that the venue was full of people. Unlike some of their other records, “Starflight United” had not been released in the UK but in Sweden and Finland only, making it practically an import-only record in online shops and even on platforms like iTunes. And that wasn’t even planned as the band would love to release their album in more countries than just the two mentioned above. So why am I telling you this? Take a second and imagine this scenario. You release a record in just two countries in stores and on iTunes and don’t stream that record on Spotify either. How high are the chances people will turn up to your gig? Got it? So having The Underworld filled up with enthusiastic people from all age groups singing and dancing along to your songs on a Friday night in London, let me repeat that, Friday night – in – London, without your record being available for sale in the UK – well, that speaks volumes. Once you see Electric Boys live you will understand why people enjoy their music and performance though. They combine catchy and funky tunes with a captivating performance by everyone onstage. Say Extreme gone bluesier with hints of 70s Hendrix and Gallagher, not only soundwise but also in the guitar playing with moves Jimi Hendrix and, now that I think of it, vocalist-wise, also Steven Tyler would be more than happy to approve. And believe me, the crowd was more than happy to approve of that great show, too. So next time you hear Electric Boys are back in town, promise me one thing, okay? Go check them out. I can assure you that you won’t regret it. Ever.


Electric Boys

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