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The Sanity Days – Evil Beyond Belief Review

The Sanity Days front cover


The Sanity Days – Evil Beyond belief

Released by: Candlelight

Release Date: February 23rd, 2015

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Steve Grimmet – Vocals

Al Jordan – Guitars

Jase Stallard – Bass

Steve Grice – Drums



01. Genesis

02. Charlie

03. Satan’s Blood

04. My Last Words

05. Evil Beyond Belief

06. Ruler Of Eternity

07. My Demon Mind

08. Broken Wings

09. Closer To The Edge

10. Firestorm


This is a new outfit put together by some of the veterans of British Heavy Metal. On vocals there is the formidable presence of none other than Steve Grimmet from Grim Reaper and ex Onslaught. This is not where the Onslaught connection ends, as the other 3 members are all ex Onslaught members, however that is where the comparison with their old outfit ends.  Formed in 2011 and have been out playing various shows around the globe, including several headline gigs in South America followed by a headline show in Tokyo, along with a series of European festival dates.  This debut album is a solid no frills type affair, opener “Charlie” is an upbeat track with a tasty lead riff before it gets into solid chugging with the unmistakable  vocals of Grimmet.  He still has a great strength in his voice when so many of his peers have seen noticeable deterioration.  “My Last Words” has a distinct Slayer style opening riff before switching to a Queensryche feel with a memorable chorus. “Ruler of Eternity” is the big showcase in this collection with a brooding riff and a breakdown in the middle to showcases Al Jordan’s shredding skills. Steve Grice is a solid drummer and it is interesting to hear him playing in this setup with no whirlwind thrash attack. Overall this is a good debut, perhaps a little drawn out in places and perhaps needs to shave a minute or two of a some tracks. The production is world class which really hits hard and has a lot of warmth in the overall sound. These guys together have produced a record which will please fans of straight forward heavy metal with melody and power.


Written by: David Mccallum

Ratings:    David Mccallum    6/10

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