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21st Century Goliath – Back with a Vengeance Review

21st century goliath

Released By: Independent

Release Date: December 5th 2014

Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll


Line Up:

Tony Leone: Lead Vocals

Scott Roby: Guitars

Adam Ellis: Drums

Kenny Keeler: Bass

Kip Wison: Guitars


Track list:

1.0 Welcome To The Dark Side

2.0 Brace Yourself For Hell

3.0 Dirty Little Secrets

4.0 Cold Hearted Woman

5.0 Back With A Vengeance

6.0 You Crossed The Line

7.0 Got My Number

8.0 Detroit 76

9.0 So Much To Learn

10.0 Children Of Fire

11.0 No Gold


I must admit, Charlotte’s 21st Century Goliath‘s 2012’s debut Radio Destroyer slipped through my radar. My music attentions are mainly stuck in the classic rock genre, but when the opening chords of opener, Welcome To The Dark Side, rang out, I got a buzz that I haven’t got from an album since Tesla‘s Mechanical Resonance. The nostalgic rock vibe is a constant throughout and the stirring chorus is bonafide 80’s rock. Mayhem ensues on the opening of Brace Yourself For Hell, a proper knuckle clencher that once again sports a menacing vocal from Tony Leone, while the guitar trade off with Kip Wilson and Scott Roby will leave you gasping. Dirty Little Secrets opens like a poor mans version of Whole Lotta Rosie, and frankly fails to improve much after that.

Cold Hearted Woman is everything the previous track isn’t, mean, melodic and ferociously bad ass, Kenny Keeler‘s pulsating basswork binds this jewel of a track together brilliantly. The cocky stomp of title track Back With A Vengeance, a undoubted AC/DC influence, the groove rich rhythm has the Young brothers DNA smeared all over it. Producer, Jamie King,has captured a spontaneous live vibe, and no more so than on You Crossed The Line, another ball breaker that’s drenched in attitude. Lyrically, 21st Century Goliath soften up on You Got My Number, but Roby and Wison‘s shredding remains consistently nasty.

Detroit 76 unleashes the bands southern leanings, and also displays a genuine intelligence in their songwriting. Keeler leads the line again with a bullish bass line, while Leone‘s vocals cut a threatening tone. So Much To Learn doesn’t standout on this album, and after numerous spins still couldn’t get me moving. But this band seem to relish in an imperfect off the cuff vibe, Children Of Fire is a prime example of that, tongue in cheek rock ‘n’ roll, a no holds barred tune that exudes good times. Closer, No Gold may not be a may a strong end to the album, but these guys are still taking baby steps, and the most important thing is they are playing proper in your face rock the way nature intended.


Written by: Brian Boyle

Ratings: Brian 8/10

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One thought on “21st Century Goliath – Back with a Vengeance Review

  1. 21st Century Goliath I like the unique sound, has a certain Nick, a cross of at least 3 different style combined to make it their own, something I haven’t heard for a good while.awesome sound and lyrics. Will be great when they get the signing offer I know will come.very tallented group.


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