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Deadlock NCHC – Reverbnation Demo Review


Released by: Self Release

Release Date: Out Now

Genre: Hardcore

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Zack Patterson – Guitar

Matt Daigle – Vocals

Adam Patterson – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Looking Back

02. Piece by Peace

03. Dixon

04. Rutherford County Line


Deadlock NCHC hails from the rural county of Rutherford in NC. The band has been around for a long time now. I remember seeing them live in the late 90’s. Mostly dormant the last couple years, they have returned to the scene and are stronger than ever. I have many fond memories of watching Deadlock play to their adoring fans. For a time they were one of the hottest bands on the North Carolina scene, playing their brand of hardcore music and cracking heads with their powerful songs. Always a high energy band, fronted by one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet with one of the most aggressive stage personas I had ever seen at the time. I lost contact with them for a while, but often wondered what they were up to. Lucky for me they have recently resurfaced and come back into my life.

Only available on Reverbnation right now, they have four songs that show exactly why they were one of the best in the hardcore world- at least the hardcore world in NC. Though the band has gone through some line-up changes since I last knew them, still leading the pack is frontman Matt Daigle. He was always one of my favorite singers back in the day, able to deliver hardcore vocals while still being able to understand what he was saying. The first song is called “Looking Back” and begins the beautiful beatdown your earholes will proceed to take for the next 10 minutes on their Reverbnation demo. It’s very hooky hardcore, certain to get the pit moving. Next is the Suicidal Tendencies influenced “Piece By Peace.” It’s got this great bouncing feel throughout, yet still super heavy. Following this is “Dixon” the heaviest, most aggressive track. It’s full on classic hardcore headbanging with this pent up rage vocally. Ending the demo is “Rutherford County Line” which pays homage to their stomping grounds, showing the big city hardcore guys that they can do it just as hard in the South as they can up North.

If you are a fan of hardcore music, Deadlock NCHC is a band well worth your time to check out. Hopefully this small collection will grow into something bigger, and the guys will stick around a while longer. I wasn’t even a huge hardcore fan when I knew these guys (I liked a few bands, but wasn’t overly knowledgeable,) but they made a believer out of me. These songs are a mere taste of the awesome that is Deadlock, and to get the full package see them live. If even a tiny bit of face isn’t melted off by the time they’re done, you’re obviously doing something wrong. Go check them out.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris 9/10

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