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Anvil live at the O2 Academy 2, Islington London, 12th July 2015


Gig review and photo credit: Robert Sutton

(Writer / Photographer / Contributor – MyGlobalMind Webzine)

Just in case you didn’t know,…as you may have been living on another planet for the last forty years!!, Anvil are a three piece  Canadian heavy metal band who were formed in 1978 and comprise of founding members Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow –(vocals and guitar) and Robb Reiner –(drums) with Chris Robertson  -(bass) who joined the band last year. They have just finished a mini four date tour of the UK.

Main support for the tour was Dendera with first support, on the London date, being I.C.O.N.



I.C.O.N are a four piece band from Lancashire who play gritty heavy metal with some dirty riffs. They are led by Mark Sagar -(vocals) with Scott Knowles –(guitar) , Reece Bevan –(bass) and  Larry Paterson – (drums). They opened the evening with a half hour set and gave a no holds barred performance. Great stuff guys, and a good start to the night.



Dendera are a five piece band comprising of Ashley Edison  –(vocals), Stephen Main and David Stanton -(guitars), Bradley Edison –(bass) and Andy Finch –(drums). They played a forty-five minute set and put in a sterling performance with their more traditional style of heavy metal with a vocal very similar to that of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden. With their new album ‘Pillars Of Creation’ just launched a few weeks ago these guys are on a roll at the moment and I am sure are destined for bigger things in the near future



Anvil are, and always have been, a great fun band, that look like they so enjoy performing at every show, certainly for the ones that I have seen.  For a band with only three members they do have such a big sound that puts some acts that have many more members to shame. They come on stage, give a great performance, have a little banter with the crowd, don’t spend too much time between songs re-tuning or changing guitars,… just give a great no-nonsense set…Ok there is plenty of nonsense from them, but that ‘s what makes them so great.

Tonight’s performance opened with ‘March of the Crabs’ from their ’Metal on Metal’ album and then followed on with ‘666’ from the same 1982 album. The set consisted of thirteen songs.

Lips gave great interaction throughout the night with the audience with a little ‘dig’ at Black Sabbath about naming ‘their’ album 13 before doing a much loved impersonation of Ozzy himself prior to them  launching into ‘This Is Thirteen’. He then told us about his red ( not black) custom  range October made, flying V guitar that he was using and on several occasions using the pick-ups on his guitar to ‘talk’ to the audience rather than using his microphone. The other ‘slightly different’ thing was that he used a ladies vibrator to play his guitar with, to the total enjoyment…if that’s the correct word??… of the fans.

They closed their set with their classic hit ‘Metal on Metal’ before leaving the stage, but it wasn’t too long a wait before they returned for an encore of ‘Forged in Fire’ and they finished the night’s performance off with ‘Running’.


1: March of the Crabs

2: 666

3: School Love

4: Badass Rock ‘n’ Roll

5: Winged Assassins

6: This Is Thirteen

7: Mothra

8: On Fire

9: Thumb Hang

10: Swing Thing

11: Hope In Hell

12: Eat Your Words

13: Metal on Metal


14: Forged in Fire

15: Running



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