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Orange Outlaw – Desert Wolf Review

Released by: Independent

Release date: 3 July 2015

Genre: Hard Rock

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Sven Cornelissen – Vocals

Mark van Grieken – Drums

Jeffrey Bryan – Bass

Dirkjan de Wit – Guitar


Track Listing:

01. Charger

02. Glam On the Streets

03. Point of No Return

04. Nobody Wants Me Tonight

05. Mary Jeane

06. El Blanco

07. To Me You’re Done

08. Fast and Deadly

09. Your Game is Killing Me

10. Getting Paranoid

11. Running Again


A long time ago we had Dutch bands like Wild Ride, RAW, Sleeze Beez and a couple more doing typical late 1980’s American party/glamrock/Melodic Hardrock in the style of Skid Row, Tyketto, White Lion, Lillian Axe and Firehouse. In the year 2015 we can welcome a new band playing this style of classic US Mainstream Hardrock at an incredible high level. They are called Orange Outlaw, and have released their debut with this album “Desert Wolf”. Basically everything sounds perfect here, including awesome guitar work (Dirkjan de Wit), superb vocals (Sven Cornelissen) in the Jeff Scott Soto style. With some catchy melodies and a pumping sound that will remind you of Guns’N’Roses in their heyday. Not a single weak moment to be heard on this album and songs like “Glam On The Streets” (Jeff Scott Soto meets Tyketto meets Firehouse meets Skid Row), “Nobody Wants Me Tonight” (semi groovy hardrocker a la Tesla), “To Me You’re Done” (now this song even sounds like a pure 1988 classic from the USA, also reminding me of a bit of Victory circa Culture Killed The Native) and the up-tempo “Getting Paranoid” (remember Jesse Strange, Hardline and any other band that didn’t make it as big as the earlier mentioned bands?) are a must-hear for any fan of this classic US Hard rock sound. Although very late 80s/early 90s orientated, the major production is of a high level which sounds modern. While musically, fans of Alter Bridge, Creed, Shinedown etc. will also enjoy this band a lot. By far one of the finest pure Hard rock bands out of Holland since…. Vandenberg!

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 9/10



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