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Remembering Lemmy (Dec 24 1945 – Dec 28 2015) – The Memorial Service

Written by: Marianne Jacobsen

Main Picture Credit: Rolling Stone Magazine

Picture Gallery Credit: Steve Lunay

Life asked Death, “Why do people love me and hate you?

Death replied, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful Truth.”

I was never a Beatles fan, nor the Rolling Stones. I was too young to know what losing a hero was like when Bonzo and the Mighty Mercury took up residency in the house band of Never Never Land.

Cobain was a great loss to music, however – I still like the Foo Fighters better.

This confession is leading up to one fact:

My musical youth has been snatched by Truth.

On December 28, 2015 at the age of 70, Lemmy Kilmister boarded the ship to where the bar never closes and sleep is not necessary EVER. There are no sound bylaws – heck there are no laws at all!

With that ship however, also sailed a baby of creation, love, passion, determination, loyalty and devotion. Hence we name that ship the S.S. Motorhead.

She’s a beauty! 40 years in the making, and on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at Forest Lawn Chapel. Friends, family and fans all gathered to pay tribute to the Captain of this hearty vessel. Ian Fraser Kilmister.

I felt very honoured to be able to witness the memorial via (non sponsored – you make me so proud) live stream. The were even smart enough to have people be on the site a ½ hour early so that way when the memorial began everyone would be there, us included. How cool is that?

Officiated by longtime manager and Motorhead family member Todd Singerman the memorial tributes began with Paul (as Lemmy had described him “my most prized possession”) Kilmister.

Wearing what looked to be a Calvary uniform that very likely might have been his dad’s, Paul shared 14 minutes (he timed it) of what it was like to be the son of a Rock and Roll legend. Paul also made sure to tell everyone that, “He loved you more than he loved himself.”

As the memorial moved on, eulogy after memory after poem with a constant side of “Lemmyisms” – Paul’s statement rang true over and over and over again.

Mikkey Dee asked his band-mate to ,“try to take it a little bit easier on the other side ok Lem? Rest a little bit. “ Bringing the round of laughter that really became a big part of the soundtrack of this gathering.

With what seemed to be a wonderful sense of humour,Lemmy was remembered fondly with complete love and respect.

“Many people say Lemmy is God. I believe that. I truly, believe that God uses people as vessels to send his message.” Advised a teary eyed Matt Sorum.

“I just want to say that Lemmy loved me. However, his greatest love was his fans and his music. “ Cheryl, the longtime girlfriend of Lemmy shared, “He never raised his ticket prices because he wanted everyone to be able to go to the show.”

Integrity, Honestly and Loyalty were words used often by many of the eulogists to describe Lemmy and how he lived his life and treated others.

One of the most touching moment for me was when Stage Manager, Roger, who struggled to not break down as spoke of his love and admiration for the man who he had personally witnessed make a deal Jim Marshall on a handshake. “It’s just how polite and gentle and old school these guys were.”

“I will never forget how proud I was wearing this the first time. And Ill never forget how proud I am to wear it the last time.” Roger smiled and held up his Motorhead Crew Laminate.

“I am blessed for every road, mile and moment I had with this man” Mike Inez shared, “Lemmy’s brand of cool was singular in nature. It was 100% non-transferable.”

Wrestlers, producers, drinking buddies, bar managers and a handful of musicians (I think one dumpster diving homeless man got up there with Rob Trujillo but I can’t be sure because he was wearing a toque)all shared how they had been Lemmystized and were welcomed as part of the Motorhead family. Once you are in, you never want out.

Dave Grohl was called to the podium last and Todd advised everyone as he approached that there were 4 minutes left of webcast time.

I thought to myself “Dave Grohl be able to say what he wants to say about Lemmy in 4 mins? NOT A CHANCE”

As I predicted, while Mr. Grohl was sharing the story about the first time he met Lemmy the webcast cut out right at a pivotal point. Only the people in the chapel heard what Dave said.

Now, is that bad timing, or Bad Magic?

Thankfully, even though it ran over, the feed was quickly restored and although the sound suffered slightly, Grohl was seen (and heard) delivering an emotional and fitting final tribute to Lemmy. Kudos again to the guys working with YouTube to restore it all again even though it had run over.

In case you missed it, you can watch David Grohl’s emotional tribute here:

You can also read his tribute here:

To close the memorial with the feedback from Lemmy’s bass laid on his trusty Marshall stack is a reminder to everyone that he is never any further than your stereo. Forever.

Rob Halford truly summed it up best:

“Faith Family Friends and Fans – God Bless You Lemmy”



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