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Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy Review

Released by: Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group

Release date: 19th February 2016


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Line up:

Jon Harvey- Vocals & Bass

Jeremy Widerman – Guitar & Vocals

Brandon Bliss – Organ & Vocals

Steve Kiely – Drums & Vocals



01. Why are you not rocking?

02. Don’t tell me how to live

03. She’s a witch

04. For the people

05. Black Forest

06. Another Man’s Shoes

07. Things get better

08. The Enforcer

09. To the flame

10. New soul

11. Enjoy the time

It could be true to say that some of the best releases are the most difficult to review. Indeed, I could truthfully sum this one up in a short sentence by stating that it’s a phenomenal album that’s left me lost for words, however, that would make for neither a protracted nor a worthy evaluation of these immensely talented musicians.

Monster Truck, who hails from Ontario, Canada, are a band who until a few short hours ago I was entirely unfamiliar with. I wasted no time in acquainting myself with their outstanding debut album “Furiosity” and less than 30 seconds into the first track I was sold!

Their second album, Sittin’ Heavy commences with the hard hitting “Why are you not rocking”? This is classic, relentless, impenetrable rock that grips the listener from the first few chords. Fast paced, with heavy duty percussion and raspy vocals throughout, it whets your appetite for more of the same…yet the second track “Don’t tell me how to live” is in total contrast to its predecessor, it maintains a heavy edge but has a definitive Southern groove and fierce drumming which tapers off to perfection, it is lyrically superb and musically diverse.

“She’s a witch” is profoundly reminiscent of 70’s classic rock at its very best and had me completely absorbed with its addictive, repetitive, catchy rhythm before coming to an abrupt halt.

The album turns yet another corner with “Black Forest”, the tempo is dropped down a notch with this soulful, emotive track featuring superb vocals and guitar riffs. The perfect demonstration of how these guys rock hard with no compromise on melody.

What we have here is an eclectic mix where no two songs sound the same. While it’s evident that the band are drawing on several different musical styles and influences, due to the variation of sounds it’s difficult to liken them musically to anyone in particular. Could it be possible that they just sound like themselves? … The talent of the musicians is apparent from the off and they do not shy away from experimentation. Lyrically, there is nothing obscure or concealed, the song writing is strong and straight forward – think Lynyrd Skynyrd.

While the heavier tracks move along at break neck speed, the album concludes with “Enjoy the time”, a perfect, subdued wind down track which commences with gentle organ before the guitars break in, the percussion is more sympathetic here and the lyrics are stunning.

This is not an album you could easily tire of, I absolutely love it. Accordingly, I’m expecting great things from Monster Truck, in fact I am currently praying to the Gods of Rock that they come to a stage near me very soon…

Written by: Karen Hetherington


Ratings: Karen 10/10

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