THE HYENA KILL – tour news & free London Show – March 8th


Manchester based The Hyena Kill have taken to the road, catch them live at one of the following locations.

8th March 2016 London, Black Heart


9th March 2016 Liverpool, Buyers Club

10th March 2016 Glasgow, Audio

11th March 2016 Newcastle, Think Tank

12th March 2016 Sleaford, The Venue

The bands debut album ‘Atomised’ is expected for self-release in May and was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The Hyena Kill once again bring us a heavy, well crafted and perfectly mastered sound that creeps in and is soon running through your veins. Addicted? It’s hard not to be. The raw emotion in lead singer Steven Dobb’s voice is thrust upon you and fully supported by the powerhouse that is Lorna Blundell on drums. It’s been a long time since a band has brought a sound that’s so unique and so easily distinguishable to the table and is a taster of what’s to be expected from ‘Atomised.’

You can listen to their single “Crosses” here to make your own mind up:

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