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Sahg – Memento Mori Review

Released by: Sahg

Release Date: September 23, 2016

Genre:  Doom/Progressive/Metal


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Vocalist/guitarist – Olav Iversen

Bassist Tony – Vetaas

Guitarist Ole – Walaunet

Drummer Mads – Lilletvedt



  1. Black Unicorn
  2. Devilspeed
  3. Take It To The Grave
  4. Silence The Machines
  5. Sanctimony
  6. (Praise The) Electric Sun
  7. Travellers Of Space And Light
  8. Blood Of Oceans


Forming in 2004, this Norwegian Doom metal band is about to release it’s fifth full length album ‘Memento Mori’. Which is Latin for (Remember That You Must Die). This album delves deep into themes of death, religious oppression and the environmental decay our planet is currently facing. The lyrical content along with the music weaves together nicely creating a vast magical musical landscape, which carries you through a journey of sorts, where the music takes you to places buried deep within ones psyche.

The first song ‘Black Unicorn’ kicks off this journey with a haunting trippy guitar intro that sets the stage for what’s about to be the equivalent, of being on some kind of dark carnival ride, with Satan at the controls.  This song is a great choice to be the opening track for this album.

Next is the song ‘Devilspeed’, which is the fastest song on this record. It has grinding vocals, along with drums that punch you in chest, and are accompanied by great guitar riffs. This song is followed by the slow, but heavy ‘Take It To The Grave’, a very occult like song that could be a soundtrack to a 60’s Hammer Horror film. Love this one.

The song ‘Sanctimony’ is another standout track, on an album with many stand out songs. The song blends hammering guitar riffs, and vocals that are reminiscent early of Alice In Chains. This song is great, and fits well in the middle of the album before changing pace again with the song (Praise The) Electric Sun. This song is very atmospheric and melodic, and you can hear shades of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd within this composition.

The song ‘Blood Of Oceans’ is a great choice to close out the album. This Pagan inspired offering, is the bands first to use Norwegian lyrics. And they also used Norse instruments, which adds depth, and gives the song a very distinctive sound. By the time the song comes to it’s climatic end, your left wanting more.

‘Memento Mori’ is a superb album from start to finish. No one song sounds the same, each track has it’s own unique distinctive characteristics . You can tell every song was thoroughly thought out and executed with precision. Sahg is not afraid to experiment with vastly different sounds all on one album which makes ‘Memento Mori’ one of the best albums to be released so far this year.


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  10/10


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