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Interview With A Very Scary Guy… Mr. Jack !

Interview: Valeria Campagnale

Mr. Jack, Iron Heart’s vocalist and guitarist, collaborator with Route to Hell’s Morris Franceschetti and official endorser of Jack Daniel’s brands Guitar, Essetipicks and D’ Orazio String, and  Dhure microphones.

An increasingly restless and multifaceted artist who is now preparing a soundtrack album based on horror movies.

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Waiting for his “Dark Possession”, we  chat with Jack who was kind enough to avail himself…

Valeria Campagnale: The first question I would like to ask you, is how the idea of this horror project and what, or whom ,  inspired you?

Mr. Jack: Hello everyone and thanks for the invitation first, well, as a child I was always a lover of horror genre, let’s say that I have never thought of such a project before, he came out all so by chance, I was in the studio to play and came out a very enticing music that struck me immediately, I decided them to create this musical project and lose myself totally in the thing. Well I would cite as inspiration for sure the very large Goblin I’ve always admired and the legendary Rob Zombie, which also will be released the same day that Dark Possession also released his latest film and a huge blast

Valeria Campagnale: Between heavy metal and hard rock , the connection with horror movies is almost a foregone conclusion, we have seen rock stars in several films . If you were to draw an imaginary line between movies and horror rock concerts , where he would end up a movie and would start a live show ?

Mr. Jack: Direct dial …… Ends a Nightmare and begins a mega live Death SS or being both the director of the film which singer of his band do justice to the name of Rob Zombie

Valeria Campagnale: In your opinion, what fascinates us with horror in atmosphere ,  films , novels or music?

Mr. Jack: I think people love to be scared with the Horror to experience new emotions , new tensions , as the plot of the movie , music or other is frightening and the public who are affected . Personally I most dread as I watch a movie or read a book Horror and I remain fascinated , of course there are also movies or books that make you laugh more than scare but that’s another story

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Valeria Campagnale: The album is self-produced , was it  your choice , or was there local label that believed in this idea ?

Mr. Jack: No, it was my idea , I want to see where I can get with my own strength , I wanted to compose , record and produce the record for a personal goal , and although Dark Possession still has not gone out already feel I have achieved that goal at 100%

Valeria Campagnale: As fanatical a horror movie fan I am, what do you consider cult classics among the myriad of films that were made ?

Mr. Jack: I am a fan and I will stay a fan for life of the whole saga Nightmare, though not scared sometimes, or hardly ever, however, to imagine the character of Freddy who comes to visit you while dreams to kill you is a part of history! Honestly I really admire ( talking about this ) the saga “The Conjiuring” and ” Hannabelle”, 3 films very well made and they have impressed me a lot to be honest , especially in the 2nd chapter, the evil sister was extraordinary.

Valeria Campagnale: It seems we have the same tastes in horror, I grew up with Freddy Krueger and I agree with you regarding the “Conjouring” anf “Hannabelle” saga. I’m also a huge fan of “American Horror Story”. Do you think this series shakes up  horror TV ?

Mr. Jack: 
I think it is a great TV series, TV have to give more space to the genre because I read that is good for the health. But not to forget , also remember Freddy Krueger TV series …big series.

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Valeria Campagnale: You have mentioned Rob Zombie as horror rockstar and his live show, in your opinion, what’s the difference between him and Alice Cooper? Isn’t it a thin line between horror and comedy?

Mr. Jack: Without any doubt Mr. Cooper is the father of horror music, let’s say that it all started from there and I’m not Rob Zombie , but clearly also bands like Marilyn Manson, Lizzy Borden etc etc . I’m a fan of Alice Cooper since I was a kid and I never cease to sing in the shower School’s Out. The Rob Zombie’s shows are beautiful and especially his films (from which I took a lot of inspiration for my project) , but Alice Cooper does not put into question. The difference in my opinion is in the characters, that is, temperamentally and more , because for me are exciting both without any prejudice.

Valeria Campagnale: I’ve read you are part of a musical project with many national and international artists, MusicianStuff , can you talk about it?

Mr. Jack: MusicianStuff is an unique project of it’s kind and of great innovation , a platform dedicated to the music world that allows musicians , instrument makers and event organizers to have greater visibility through a reserved space in a unique app that will be downloadable for free in the App Store.

The project will have convenient services such as staying in touch with your followers and / or customers , promote their products and / or services through a simple management panel that will be customized to suit your needs

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