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Glenn Hughes – Resonate Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Genre: Rock / Metal / Classic Rock

Release Date: Out Now!!!



Line Up:

Glenn Hughes – Bass / Vocals
Soren Anderson – Guitars
Pontus Engborg – Drums
Chad Smith – Drums
Lacey Doley – Keyboards


01. Heavy
02. My Town
03. Flow
04. Let It Shine
05. Steady
06. God Of Money
07. How Long
08. When I Fall
09. Landmines
10. Stumble & Go
11. Long Time Gone


Though he may not be a household name Rock And Roll Hall of Famer Glenn Hughes has fronted, recorded and performed with his share of them, including stints in both Deep Purple and Black Sabbath among others.

“Resonate” is Hughes’ first solo release in 8 years and sees the vocalist in top form. Hughes told “It’s possibly the heaviest record I’ve ever made. I don’t want to confuse it with horns-up heavy, it’s not metal. But it’s definitely fucking heavy.” True to his word the albums opener is aptly titled “Heavy”, the track features The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith on drums, and is a showcase both Glenn’s vocal prowess and thundering bass.

The thick riffs of songs like “Flow” and bottom heavy modern rock production give “Resonate” it’s contemporary feel, while the prominent use of organ calls back to the classic sounds of Deep Purple and early Whitesnake. Sticking to the driving hard rock sound for most of the early going, the soulful ballad “When I Fall” is an unexpected surprise, as is the funky up-tempo guitar of “Landmine”. Another highlight is album closer “Long Time Gone” who’s acoustic 12 string first verse soon gives way to swirling organ and funk guitar and bass.

“Resonate” is a solid release from a veteran rocker, that fans of Glenn Hughes and rock fans with an affinity for classic sounds are sure to enjoy.


Reviewer: Dave Burke

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