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Roth Brock Project – Roth Brock Project Review

Released by: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: 4 November 2016

Genre: Rock



Terry Brock: Lead and Background Vocals
John Roth: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Lead and Background Vocals
Scott Trammell: Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Kary Baddour: Piano on “Distant Voices”
Phil Bennet: Keyboards on “Never Givin’ Up”
Jeff Adams: Background Vocals on “We Are”
Kory Myers: Background Vocals on “We Are”
Jimmy Fulp: Drums on “Fighter”
Produced and Engineered by: John Roth


Tracklisting: Young Gun; What’s It To Ya; Young Again; If That’s What It Takes; I Don’t Know Why; Distant Voices; We Are; Fighter; My City; Never Givin’ Up; Reason To Believe


There has been so many “team” projects/bands that have been put together of varying quality and success over the years. It seems that when two musicians happen to either run into each other somewhere along the way or perchance get the opportunity to do a brief collaboration together there is often a spark between those two (or more) individuals inspiring them to come back later on and see if anything comes of a lengthier pairing. The most recent team I have encountered is the Roth Brock Project. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t instantly figure out the names. Roth is John Roth who is currently playing guitar with Starship Featuring Mickey Thomas and has worked with such bands as Black Oak Arkansas, Winger, and Giant. Brock is Terry Brock currently working with the band Leroux, but has also done stuff with Kansas, Strangeways and Giant (where the two met.) As fate would have it the pair rejoined and have created their s/t debut.

Much like The Defiants earlier in the year, this one came as a tremendous surprise to me. Not that I doubted the abilities of these two, but the caliber of this album is pretty amazing. If you’re familiar with these gentlemen (at the very least I suspect you’re familiar with some of their past work) then you already know that both have an excellent knack for writing in the melodic hard rock realm, and this album perfectly demonstrates their talents. Instantly catchy and memorable, powerful and driving with that powerhouse voice of Brock’s and the brilliant guitar mastery of Roth they give their s/t introduction a feeling that these guys have been working together a long time, a nearly instant chemistry is found. On tracks like “Young Again,” “Young Gun,” and “Fighter” they’ve already achieved such a brilliant collection of songs in such a short time, though it does help that they’re seasoned veterans.

Yet another melodic rock album that deserves your immediate attention, Roth Brock Project’s s/t release is where it’s at. It’s out now, so there should be no delay in getting it if you haven’t already. I’d intended on having this review done much sooner, but life has a way of getting in the way. At least it gave me more time to spend with this one before moving on to the next batch of music. This is really a must-have for fans of this type of music, as well as fans of these two guys.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  9/10


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