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Sixx:A.M. – Volume 2 Prayers for the Blessed Review

Released by: Eleven Seven Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Modern Hard Rock



Line Up:

Nikki Sixx, James Michael, Dj Ashba



1.      Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)

2.      We Will Not Go Quietly

3.      Wolf At Your Door

4.      Maybe It’s Time

5.      The Devil’s Coming

6.      Catacombs

7.      That’s Gonna Leave a Scar

8.      Without You

9.      Suffocate

10. Riot In My Head

11. Helicopters


After six months, Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael are ready with their new album, the perfect sequel to their first ” Vol.1 Prayers For The Damned “, released in April 2016. The new, fifth, album has been released on the 18th of November via Eleven Seven Music.

Written and recorded at the same time as “Prayers For The Damned”, the album acts as a companion piece to the first chapter while simultaneously elevating the band’s sound in every area. I’m into this new cosmic record that reassures the band’s born from the mind of the mastermind Nikki Sixx, is capable of so much more.

Formed in Los Angeles in 2007, Sixx:A.M.’s mission has remained steadfast: to provide the masses with iconic, hard rock that boasts unrivaled musicianship. Comprised of vocalist and producer James Michael, guitarist Dj Ashba, and bassist Nikki Sixx, the band has sold over one million albums globally of their four previously released studio albums: ”The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack” (2007), “This Is Gonna Hurt” (2011), “Modern Vintage” (2014), and “Vol. 1, Prayers for the Damned” (2016). “Vol.2 Prayers For The Blessed” is the second installment of their 2016 double album.

The opener of this great album is the brilliant “Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)” that shows the raw side of the band with a refrain that’ s immediately imprinted in the mind, a wave of fresh rock.
“We Will Not Go Quietly” is on the same sound and mood of the first song, sour sounds that continue to make my way in this musical journey. “Wolf At Your Door” is another round of rough and catchy sounds where the musical ability of the band are more and more aggressive, with style.

“Maybe It’s Time” a reflective pause without frills for this beautiful song. “The Devil’s Coming” just arrives like a whip in a perfect Hard Rock style, just what I like, what I want to listen to. “Catacombs”, a DJ Ashba’s instrumental interlude, provides a short glimpse of the great eclectic guitarist.

The beginning of the track “That’s Gonna Leave A Scar” remind me of the first crude and cruel Crue… but this piece has an energizing freshness with an emotional charge.

Reminding you that Rockers have a heart too, here the famous Badfinger’s song “Without You” is covered. Such a strange choice but well done regardless. Back to the normality… “Suffocate” is a beautiful song so much in line with the band’s sound. “Riot In My Head” is another catchy and a bit crawler song. A sweet sound and good harmony in the whole track. Unfortunately, everything has and end, “Helicopters” close this work with its stylish sound full of good emotional vibrations.

A beautiful album for Sixx A.M. Surely it could not be otherwise as the band presents us solid works, great songs, good music and that kind of rough rock that’s their trademark. Sixx A.M. really knows what we expect from them. Listening to “Vol.2 Prayers For The Blessed” it’s like admiring a rushing river, a wave of a swelling musical ocean.


Reviewer: Valeria Campagnale

Rating:  10/10

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