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Mark Slaughter – Halfway There Review

Released by: EMP LABEL GROUP
Release Date: 26 May 2017
Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Mark Slaughter – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, orchestration
Josh Eagan – Drums
Jaymi “Pink Bassman” Millard – bass (tracks 2,3,6,7,8,10)
Bill Jordan – piano on “Halfway There”



1. Hey You
2. Devoted
3. Supernatural
4. Halfway There
5. Forevermore
6. Conspiracy
7. Reckless
8. Disposable
9. Turn It
10. Not Here


Mark Slaughter, the magnetic vocalist, and guitarist of the 80’s Rock band Slaughter, has had a solid career as a musician and now he will release his new solo album “Halfway There” on 26 May, via EMP Label Group, the US-based label of David Ellefson, Megadeth bassist.

After Mark’s previous album “Reflections in a Rearview Mirror”, he’s back with a new great album that talks about the real life with his progressive artistic path.

“Halfway There”, produced and co-mixed by Mark Slaughter with John Cranfield, is contaminated by several influences and it makes for an interesting work with its progressive sound. The artwork is created by famed horror/album artist Sam Shearon, that already worked for Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, KISS.

Forget the old Slaughter style, easy listener song or teenage love song, here you’ll hear the evolution of how great of an artist Mark really is.

Ten intensive tracks with, eleven as bonus track for the Japanese edition only, the album is opened, by a powerful “Hey You!” which has the impact to reach us and let’s sing us with him, a song that the audience will be screaming at the show, it’s just so simply rock’n’roll.

The follower “Devoted” is definitely a harder and speedier track, so far away from Slaughter’s style, a new stylish blood  flows in it. “Supernatural” bring us again into the rock we have come to expect of him, just more pop and funky rock that makes the track perfect. “Halfway There”, the title track is a beautiful ballad, a powerful song with a personal undertones, a travelling time machine right into Mark’s life, so stunning. “Forevermore,” is a love song, very well done where passion and pathos are mixed to create such a brilliant song like this one. “Conspiracy” is more aggressive, hungry and heavy but always made with that classic sound that resonates throughout the album.

“Reckless” is another rock power song, brilliant guitars and rhythms, such a great goal reached. “Disposable” children’s voices, passion and elegance for this great song, great voice, and vibrant music, a very good track, one of my absolute favorites  A cooler song is the track “Turn It,” additional evidence how Mark Slaughter is matured in his career.

To close this intense album “Halfway There”, the sweetest “Not Here”, where Mark’s voice reach a high quality level in a bluesy sound and gives genuine emotions.

Mark Slaughter is a polyhydric artist that follows his sensitivity and puts them full display, with a rare finesse that only a few musicians can do, as Tom Keifer does.  Mark is a real virtuoso, he has made a creative work in “Halfway There”, to demonstrate his professionalism and his ability to perform great music and shows how the magnitude of his professional value.

A great album, one of the best of this year.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 9/10


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