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Tequila Sunrise – Danger Zone Review

Released by: Perris Records
Release Date: 1st March 2017
Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Jorge Cortés – Lead Vocal,
Ramón Blein – Guitar
Cecilio Sánchez-Robles – Guitar,
Jesús Acosta- Bass
Rubén Santos- Drums



01. Day By Day
02. My Way Or The Highway
03. Bad Side Of Love
04. Stay On The Wild Side
05. Danger Zone
06. Coming Home
07. She
08. Carry On
09. Risk It All
10. Fallen Angels


“Danger Zone” is the debut album by the Spanish rock band Tequila Sunrise, which was released on march 1st of this year.

Rubén Santos, Ramón Blein and Cecilio Sánchez Robles, founded Tequila Sunrise in the 2010/2011, giving life to their personal view of Hard Rock and give us this fresh work.

“Day By Day”, the opener, is a mainstream, renewed Hard Rock track with a catchy chorus, thriller guitars and Sunset Boulevard’s 80’s sound. Brilliant song that reminds me of Mr. Big. Another brilliant song is the next tune titled “My Way Or The Highway”, directly from the ’80’s as well, so much energy and passion, these guys are really brilliant and they know exactly how to rock. “Bad Side Of Love”, a very interesting song where Jorge Cortés is the real protagonist with his voice featuring a duet with elegant rock music.

A touch of Van Halen’s style in their great guitars in “Stay On The Wild Side”, with an energetic ambiance and likable chorus.  The title track “Danger Zone” is another hit in the center, these musicians know how to reach the heart of a rocker. The voice in “Coming Home” is rougher and brings out energy with its music and rhythms. “She” extra added proof how Tequila Sunrise is capable of writing and playing a good song, a virtuous band.

“Carry on” is a well-done track, Hard Rock and positive mood, not a failure in this album.
Just another song I like of this album is “Risk It All”, adrenaline, power and passion mixed together for a track so bright, absolutely a great hit, just that kind of song I loved in the past years and it’s a joy to my ears find out band like this proposing this kind of sound.

“Fallen Angels” closes this intense album, attractive solid rock style again to end in the finest way.
Harmonies, Hard Rock, technicality and good vibes for a debut album like “Danger Zone”, that kind of record that put me in a good mood and if this’s just the beginning, I’d just imagine the next works from Tequila Sunrise. They’re already added into my personal list of the best new rock bands.
If you grow up with the eighty hard rock style, you’ll fall in love with this album as are clear the band’s influences like Van Halen, Winger and Mr.Big as well.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10


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